Pick up at a Kariboo collection point

A Kariboo point is a PostNL collection point where you can have packages delivered. Delivery of a package to a Kariboo point is only possible in Belgium. There are many Kariboo points in Belgium, so you can always pick up your package in your own neighborhood.

During the ordering process, the option "delivery to a Kariboo point" is automatically offered to Belgian customers. When you choose to have your package delivered to a Kariboo point, a proposal is made to deliver the package to a Kariboo point near you. Of course you can also choose a Kariboo point yourself, you can indicate this during the ordering process.

How do I know that I can pick up my order at a Kariboo point?

As soon as your order has been received by the Kariboo point, you will receive a confirmation at the email address you specified. You can now pick up your order at the Kariboo point that you have chosen when placing your order. Attention! Always bring a valid identification.

Can someone else pick up my order at a Kariboo point?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for someone else to pick up your order.

Can I leave my order at the Kariboo point longer?

Your order stays at the Kariboo point for 14 calendar days. After 14 days the package will be sent back to us automatically. If you have not picked up the order five days after receiving the confirmation email, you will receive a reminder.

My order did not arrive at the Kariboo point of my choice. Now what?

Your order will be sent to the Kariboo point that is stated in the shipping confirmation that you have received via email. If your order is not at the Kariboo point, you can contact us.

What is the delivery time to a Kariboo point?

The delivery time to a Kariboo point can be slightly longer than to your home address. If your order is in stock and you order before 11:30 PM, we will ship your package the same day. You can expect your package to arrive at the Kariboo point within 2-3 business days.