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Teazers Masturbator

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Product number : TEA012
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Product information

  • Luxurious masturbator
  • Warming function
  • Neutral opening
  • Smooth inner texture
  • 6 patterns
  • 3 speeds
  • USB rechargeable
  • Colour: Red

Experience unforgettable climaxes with this luxurious masturbator. The masturbator not only vibrates, but also has a warming effect for extra stimulation. The masturbator is equipped with 9 vibration settings: 6 patterns and 3 speeds. It is made of premium silicone and has a smooth inner structure. The masturbator is rechargeable with the included USB cable. Use the masturbator in combination with water-based lubricant and clean it before and after use with toy cleaner for good hygiene.

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Sizes & specifications

Product information

  • Product number: TEA012
  • Brand: Teazers
  • Colour: Red, Pink, Black
  • Warranty: Yes
  • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
  • Original name: 35238-BLACK-DUOPACK


  • Length: 13.00 cm
  • Inner length: 7.00 cm
  • Inner diameter: 3.00 cm
  • Width: 8.00 cm


  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Material: ABS, silicone
  • Suitable lubricant: Water Based
  • Stimulation: Penis stimulation
  • Length charging cord: 75 cm
  • Opening: Neutral
  • Internal structure: Smooth

Power & Speed

  • Vibration power: Variable vibrations
  • Operation: Push button
  • Vibration: Adjustable vibration / multispeed
  • Settings: 50
  • Run Time: 58 min
  • Power: Charger (USB)
  • Noise level: Normal
  • Charge Time: 57 min

More specifications

  • CE tag: Yes
  • User level: Beginner
  • Weight: 450 gram
  • Package size: 19x13x9 cm
  • Origin: China
  • EAN: 8719934001268

Service & Returns

Reviews (371)

371 reviews
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  • Eduard Plezier
    Expert review
    The red part of the Otouch has a pretty strong smell. The outside has a neutral smell.
    otouch masturbator

    Using it

    Before I could test the Otouch, it first had to be charged. That took about an hour. Unfortunately, the Otouch has no indicator for how charged the battery is; the indicator light only has two settings: charged or not charged.

    As far as I understood while testing the Otouch, the Otouch is intended to be used while your genitals are in the Otouch. If you don't, the Otouch makes more sound and the vibration has little to no effect.

    Operating it:

    Easy to reach with 1 hand during use
    Feels solid and responds well when you press it, so can you clearly feel that the button has been pressed
    The outside has a good grip with a subtly textured profile to put your fingers in.

    ​This is what the buttons do:

    The lower button: press and hold for two seconds to turn the Otouch vibration on/off. Press the button to go to the next vibration mode.
    The left button: press to increase the vibration intensity - the top button: press and hold for two seconds to switch the heating function on/off. Press the button briefly while the heating function is on to switch between the two heating modes. More about this in the next section.
    The right button: Press to reduce the vibration intensity According to the manual, the Otouch can operate at full power for at least ( ! ) an hour before the battery runs out.

    The functionality

    In the middle of the buttons there is a light: red is for the heating function and blue is for the vibration function. if both functions are switched on, the light is pink. The Otouch has two functions: vibration and heat. Each vibration mode has three modes, the higher the mode, the more intense the vibrations. all of the patterns keep repeating themselves until you switch off the vibration mode yourself or switch to a different pattern. The Otouch remembers the intensity when you switch to another mode, so if you switch from mode 1 to mode 2 at setting 3, mode 2 will vibrate at setting 3. When it's vibrating, a blue light will show the rhythm and pattern of the current vibration mode/setting. Below is a description of all six vibration settings:

    1. A gradual progression from normal to more intense vibration. Then directly back to normal and then gradually back to a more intense vibration. This keeps repeating itself. The higher modes maintain the same pattern but increase the intensity of both elements.
    2. Vibration five times in quick succession, followed by a constant vibration for about two seconds. The higher settings make the vibrations more intense.
    3. Slowly from low to medium high vibration and then back again from high to low. The more intense modes increase the intensity of the vibration and slightly extend the cycle.
    4. A constant linear vibration. The higher settings make the vibration more intense.
    5. Short vibration thrusts in quick succession. The higher settings make the vibration more intense.
    6. Similar to mode 1. Slightly faster. The higher settings make the vibration more intense. The heating function works in two modes: 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 Celsius) and 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 Celsius). When using the 95 degree mode, the indicator light will blink. When it's set on the 104 degree position, the indicator light will be red.

    The inside

    It's soft and absorbs heat quickly. It can be used without lubricant if you just want to enjoy the vibration function.

    The look

    It was very clearly designed with detail and functionality in mind. The majority of the exterior is made of a nice material that provides a lot of grip. It has a similar grip texture to what some modern car steering wheels are made of. A subjective downside of this grip is that dirt, dust and all sorts of other things stick to the surface. The Otouch has an IPX6 rating for water resistance. That means that the Otouch can be immersed in water of 150mm 1000mm for 30 minutes without it causing permanent damage. So it seems safe for me to say that you could easily use the Otouch in the shower or even in the bath. Of course make sure it's not plugged into the charger. I recommend keeping the IPX6 classification features in mind if you want to use the Otouch in the bath.

    My final verdict

    Great value for money. Quality and design were clearly a priority in the development of the Otouch. The Otouch is easy to use, despite the fact that there are quite a few different settings. It is clear to me that the design of the Otouch has been carefully considered. I like the weight. Not too light. Not too heavy. The whole thing feels high quality to me. Just to be clear: it is possible that the Otouch is not intended to cause an orgasm with vibration alone. It could of course be that that's enough for some men. In any case, it has been my experience during testing that you have to make some effort yourself in order to reach a climax. I just wanted to mention that so people don't buy this device with the expectation that it will get you to orgasm on its own.
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  • J
    I'm not a big fan of writing long reviews, but I really have to sit down for this one!

    We have collected a lot of toys over the years, but basically everything for my wife. There was never much for the men.

    When I saw this on the website it immediately caught my attention and ordered it quickly.

    Once it arrived, I immediately put it on the charger and an hour later I could try it out. I often read that it is difficult to insert the penis.
    This was also the case with me, but with some lubricant and some pressure I still got the tip of my glans inside. Once turned on I felt my glans being sucked in slowly which by the way was a wonderful feeling. The vacuum keeps your penis secure and it's a matter of searching and playing with the different settings.
    After some searching, I had soon found a nice spot and it wasn't long until I felt an orgasm coming on.
    By controlling the strength of the vibrations I also managed to delay the orgasm a few times.

    The feeling was very special. If I had to describe it I would say that it feels like your penis is slowly being milked empty..... with me this toy keeps pre-cum flowing continuously which makes the whole thing even more wonderful.

    I have used it several times now and got a very intense orgasm every time.
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  • Henk
    Good product for a good price
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  • Thijs
    Arrived this week and used it for the first time. It's a totally different experience, but it feels fantastic. Easy to use and a beautiful design. The toy is quite loud, though.
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  • Joost
    This product doesn't fit me. It just wraps around the penis, but then it vacuum sucks. Naturally tried it with lubricant. Vibration is nice, but without movement it doesn't do you much good.
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  • Joost
    My first man toy purchase. For me, it's too tight. Using lubricant, I can just about fit in, but I can't move because it creates a huge vacuum. Have to really struggle to get the thing loose again. Vibrates okay in different settings, but you won't get a climax from that just an overstimulated penis.
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  • Stephan
    Wow what an experience, I am used to just jerking off repeatedly. But with this one you have to take your time, but when you reach your climax you won't know what hit you.
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  • private
    Delightful masturbator for normal to above average shaped men. After applying lube, my penis fits right in. On the inside, the masturbator feels soft. This masturbator produces wonderful vibrations. You can try out different patterns and after a few minutes you will cum exquisitely. Very simple to maintain. Just apply some toy cleaner, rinse and it's clean for the next time.
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  • Jammy P
    Very nice device, it just could have been a bit deeper... I bought it on sale and it is really good value for money! I didn't expect this.
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  • Jerryyy
    I don't understand why everyone recommends this, this thing is meant for if you have a micro penis in my opinion, only vibrates in multiple settings so doesn't feel realistic at all.
    But especially that it's so small.... can't even move it when you're working on it
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