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TENGA Flip Zero Black - Strong Edition

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Product information

  • Quality masturbator
  • Neutral opening
  • Stimulating texture
  • Flip open
  • Unique design
  • Waterproof
  • Maximum suction
  • Colour: Black

A combination of the latest technology and the best materials for the most pleasurable masturbation sessions!

- Strong Edition - sturdy material for more stimulation
- Elaborate texture inside the masturbator
- 4 different stimulation areas
- Customised vacuum stimulation via the pressure pad on the surface
- Flip open design
- Very easy to clean

An elaborate texture (with 4 different areas of stimulation) inside the masturbator was created, thanks to advanced technology. While the glans get pleasured by a ball, numerous dots, grooves and waves stimulate the shaft. Pressure can be applied to part of the surface to increase the pressure inside the masturbator. There is an internal one-way valve that can create a strong suction effect.

And the best thing about it: the flip open design with its seamless finish means that not one drop of lubricant leaks out.

Even cleaning it is fun: just flip open the toy, rinse it under running water and then leave the Flip Zero stretched out over the arms, which also serve as a stand, to dry.

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Sizes & specifications

Product information

  • Product number: 05332110000
  • Brand: TENGA
  • Colour: Black
  • Warranty: Yes
  • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
  • Original name: TENGA Flip Zero Black - Strong Edition


  • Length: 20.00 cm
  • Inner length: 17.00 cm
  • Maximum diameter: 7.00 cm
  • Minimum diameter: 1.00 cm


  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Material: elastomer, ABS
  • Suitable lubricant: Water Based
  • Stimulation: Penis stimulation
  • Opening: Neutral
  • Internal structure: Ripples, Nubs

More specifications

  • User level: Expert
  • Weight: 750 gram
  • Package size: 21x9x7.5 cm
  • Origin: Japan
  • EAN: 4560220556108

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Reviews (42)

42 reviews
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  • Marc
    Expert review
    Some people call Tenga the Apple of sex toys. So when EasyToys asked me if I wanted to test their Flip Zero Black I didn't have to think twice. I had tested a Tenga Egg, a Tenga Flex and a Tenga Air Vacuum Cup before and it was a really positive experience every time.
    tenga flip zero

    “Spoiler alert: The Tenga Flip Zero Black is my new favorite Tenga Masturbator!”

    What is a Tenga Flip Zero Black?

    There are plenty of different masturbators on the market. The principle is often the same: you have a sleeve of soft material you can put your penis into. The interior of the sleeve often has some kind of texture. The texture is supposed to provide extra stimulation when you move the masturbator.

    In a way, the Tenga Flip Zero is no different. Still, the Flip has a few features that make it unique. You can open the Flip Zero. This is not only useful to spread out your lubricant properly, but also to clean it when you're done. With other masturbators you often have to turn the sleeve inside out to clean it.

    But there's more. Most masturbators have a hard plastic holder. The Flip Zero has two hard plastic 'plates' attached to the soft sleeve. This allows you to squeeze the sleeve to make the pressure as firm as you like.

    There are about seven versions of the Tenga Flip available. I tested the Tenga Flip Zero Black Strong Edition, which is a more intense version of Tenga Flip Hole Zero. It has a tighter fit and a more extreme texture on the inside.


    The Tenga Flip Zero comes in a transparent tube with a kind of double cap. Once you get the first cap off (I couldn't immediately tell that it was attached with transparent tape), there's an instruction manual and two packets of lubricant hidden inside. Keep the tube, because you can store the Tenga Flip in there for next time.

    I have to be honest and say that I was a bit overwhelmed at first. At first sight, the Tenga Flip actually looks more complex than it is. Some of the pictures I'd seen didn't make it any clearer. But after two seconds of figuring it out, everything was clear.

    To use the Tenga Flip, you first have to remove the U-shaped bracket. Then you can squeeze the sleeve a little and open it.

    When you open the Tenga Flip, you might feel like you're holding a penis torture device. The inside is full of bumps, bulges and balls. It's like your penis is going to be on 'Total Wipe-out'! But it's not that bad. The sleeve is made of extremely soft and flexible Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE). TPE is also a porous material. So I don't recommend sharing this toy with just anyone.

    The lube that comes with it is enough for the first time you use it. I recommend buying a bottle of water-based lubricant with your Tenga Flip, if you don't already have one. Not only because you'll need lubricant the next time, but especially because the Tenga lubricant is pretty sticky and slimy. Plus the Tenga stuff contains parabens, and that can  cause allergic reactions in some people.

    The instructions are completley in English. The font is really tiny, so I hope you have good eyes, or reading glasses. Fortunately, the drawings in it are clear enough on their own.

    The Tenga Flip has an insertion depth of 17 centimeters. The material is very flexible and will feel tight with both thinner and thicker penises. The maximum diameter is 7 centimeters.

    The test drive

    The Tenga Flip Black is the 'strong edition' for a reason. It's really tight, and without lubricant, it's almost impossible to penetrate. You can open the Flip to apply the lubricant. Really convenient. Then close it, put the U-shaped bracket back on and put some more lubricant on the opening.

    Tenga did not over-promise. The Flip is very tight and has a very powerful sucking effect. My god, this thing feels so amazing! The entrance of this Flip Black Strong Edition is extra tight, so no lubricant leaks out and it creates an extra strong vacuum.

    The texture on the inside massages the penis in just the right places. Especially around the head of the penis there are a few bulges that stimulate the most sensitive parts.

    A lot of other masturbators have an air hole at the top. Sometimes you can close that hole to increase the vacuum pressure. The downside of these holes, however, is that they tend to whistle during use. That's not an issue for the Tenga Flex. The U-shaped bracket has a kind of felt-like cap that allows the air to escape. As a result, the Flip is completely silent (apart from maybe some fap-fap sounds, depending on the amount of lubricant you've used).

    One of the best features of the Tenga Flip is that you can thighten the grip yourself, because you can squeeze the sleeve. If you don't feel enough of the texture, you can grab your opportunity! This is a big advantage over a Fleshlight, for example, which does not have this feature.

    Most masturbators can be moved in different ways: just around the top, long strokes, at varying speeds. But because the Flip is so incredibly tight, I couldn't turn it. Maybe I should use a little more lubricant next time?

    Without much effort I had an overwhelming orgasm in just a few minutes. What. An. Amazing. Device!


    Being able to open the sleeve really proves its usefulness when you want to clean the Tenga Flip. Because of the extreme texture it would otherwise be virtually impossible to clean it properly. I put some mild soap on it and rinsed it with lukewarm water. You can easily clean the inside with your fingers. Then you put the U-shaped bracket in the cap. A magnet keeps the bracket in place. Then hang the Flip up to dry. When it's completely dry inside, close the Flip, put the bracket back on and store it in the transparent tube.


    Once again, Tenga has succeeded in making a revolutionary product. The Flip is genuinely amazing! It's now my new favorite Tenga masturbator. The grip is firm and it creates an excellent vacuum. And because it can be used often, you will enjoy it for a long time. The Tenga Flip Black Strong Edition is especially nice if you want a quick orgasm.

    The pros of the Tenga Flip:

    Soft material (TPE) with a nice, extreme structure
    Strong suction power
    Easy to clean
    Can be used often
    Nice and light in your hand
    You can adjust the pressure yourself
    Discreet packaging, easy to carry
    Can be used in the shower or bath

    The cons:

    The lubricant that's included contains parabens and is sticky
    It's not the cheapest masturbator
    The tiny font in the instructions

    Make sure you take good care of the sleeve. Wash it properly. Dry it completely, store it carefully. Then you'll be able to enjoy it for a long time to come!
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  • Slow hand
    Excellent product; what the autoblower 1 and 2 can't do, you can do with this toy.
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  • Ik
    When you are a bit wider down there, the toy opens quite a bit. It also does make noise when used, not ideal if you are in a room next to someone. It gives a nice feeling and is definitely worth it when you do not have to take into account others who may walk past your room during use.
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  • Sterretje
    Really well! Soft, easy to clean, a real winner.
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  • Gab
    First of all, thank you for the awesome delivery

    As for the product, it's my very first sex toy, so the sensations were slightly bizarre at the beginning, when you're used to using your hand, but you get used to very quickly, the sensations are very pleasant, and so is the texture, use it on your own or with your girlfriend. If the Missus likes big toys, you can use 2 at the same time. Very good experience on this website
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  • EKO
    I think this thing is wonderful. Should've bought this years ago. Could have been a little lighter, and unclipping it to clean the whole thing could have been easier. But I can recommend it!
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  • MrMoon
    I was really looking forward to it this from the moment I ordered it. Based on the reviews, this seemed like a really nice addition to mr & ms moon's toy collection.
    Unfortunately using it was disappointing. She felt like it was too big and heavy to use, which wasn't really a problem for me. But it didn't feel that great to me. The way the thing was positioned around my penis and the motion was only nice when very precisely positioned and executed. Not really something we want to be doing in the heat of the moment.
    But the most annoying part was the slurping sound this thing makes. Maybe for some men (and their partners), it's a turn on when a masturbator makes slurping blow job noises, for me (for us) it was very distracting. Something quiet is better for us.
    Getting it ready to use and cleaning it afterwards are both very easy thanks to the fact that it folds open.
    But those few positive points aren't enough to save it. After trying it out twice, it's ended up in the box of unused toys. Too bad.
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  • Tester7575
    It's a really great product, I'd definitely recommend it, without a doubt one of the better masturbators. It's also easy to clean.
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  • Ed raket
    Fabulously wonderful. My partner has the same toy; this is how we've enhanced our love life. Definitely recommended.
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  • Geile tijger
    This product is truly amazing. It may not completely feel as a real vagina but it's really delightful. Much nicer than a Fleshlight if you ask me.
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