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    An Advent Calendar... What is it?

    With an Advent Calendar, you can count down to Christmas by opening a box, card or door every day, revealing a fun or exciting surprise. Of course it’s not just for the season of Advent (the weeks before Christmas); you can use it whenever you want! The EasyToys Advent Calendar is a very sexy and exciting calendar with a new erotic product every day. Experience it with your partner or on your own. 

    What is included in the Advent Calendar 2022? Warning: SPOILERS

    Can’t wait to experience the EasyToys Advent Calendar 2022 yourself? We completely understand! That’s why we’re now revealing which products you can expect to find in the calendar:

    • Use the rechargeable couple toy for both internal and external stimulation in countless different ways. Whether you’re going for nipple, penis, clitoris, G-spot or prostate stimulation, this toy can do it all. .
    • Temporarily lose the sense of sight with the blindfold to make the other senses more sensitive to stimulation. Exciting!
    • Give a sensual massage with happy ending with this 2-in-1 massage lubricant, which is suitable for both external and internal use.
    • Complete your sexy look and shine like a star with the nipple covers.
    • Wrap your partner’s pleasure, or your own, around you little finger. Literally! This small, but powerful finger vibrator is the perfect tool for stimulating every sensitive spot on your partner’s body or your own.
    • Let your or your partner’s body tingle with pleasure with the stimulation gel.
    • Don’t know where to start or where to go from here? Let the sexy dice be your guide.
    • A tickler whip provides a perfectly painful, yet lovely pleasure. Or use it to gently stroke the skin.
    • Train your pelvic floor muscles for a tighter vagina and more intense orgasms, or discover the possibilities of anal stimulation with these fun love balls.
    • Use the perfumed pillow mist to create a delightful fragrance experience. Simply spray it on your bed or in your room and you’re ready for an evening of lust and romance.
    • HHave you always wanted to try soft bondage? Then these handcuffs are the perfect toys to experiment with!
    • Are you ready for the next step in your bondage adventure? With these ankle cuffs, you can restrict your partner’s freedom of movement even more.
    • Together with the blindfold, handcuffs and ankle cuffs, these bondage straps complete your bondage restraint set! The straps are specially designed to be wrapped around your mattress.
    • Let your partner’s body be your canvas and use the chocolate bodypaint for some artistic foreplay.
    • The dildo has exactly what it takes to lead you to an explosive climax again and again, and thank to its bent tip, it has the perfect shape for intense G-spot or prostate stimulation.
    • The cock ring combines longer-lasting and harder erections with the pleasure of stimulating vibrations.
    • Protect your toys with the beautifully designed toy bag. Great for use at home or on the road.
    • Go for a nice, relaxing bath with the lovely scented purple bath bomb.
    • If you have never tried anal stimulation or if you don’t have much experience yet, the butt plug is exactly what you need to discover the world of anal pleasure!
    • The beautifully designed nipple clamps don’t just provide arousing nipple stimulation, but also elegantly decorate your body!
    • If versatility is what you are looking for, the multi vibe is exactly what you need! This unique vibrator can be used in many different ways and is suitable for everyone.
    • Keep your toys hygienically clean with the toy cleaner, which you can easily spray on your toys.
    • The card game includes 24 ‘nice’ cards and 24 ‘naughty’ cards. Use it to create some extra arousal together in a playful way.
    • If you enjoy G-spot or prostate stimulation, the curved vibe is the toy for you! It is specially designed to stimulate your pleasure areas with its bent shaft that effortlessly glides to the right spots.


    Is the Advent Calendar suitable for me?

    The EasyToys Advent Calendar 2022 is suitable for everyone, and we really mean EVERYONE. All products in the box are suitable for couples and solo use, and they can be used by both men and women. Want to explore something new when it comes to sex and sex toys? With this accessible and well-stocked calendar, you can go on a journey of discovery on your own or together with your partner.

    How will the Advent Calendar be delivered?

    The Advent Calendar is shipped in a blank cardboard box and discreetly delivered to your door. This way you can keep your Advent Calendar experience intimate and discreet. You can share it with whoever you want or enjoy it on your own.

    Are the toys rechargeable or do I need batteries?

    All toys - except the vibrating cock ring - can be charged with the included USB cable. The cock ring with bullet vibrator runs on batteries (3x LR44). These batteries are included with the product. Before use, unscrew the bullet vibrator and remove the white protective plastic in the cap.

    Are users manuals included?

    Each product in the Erotic Advent Calendar has its own instructions for use. In addition, all instructions for use can be found at www.loveboxxx.nl at any time.