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    Sex toys for women

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    Sex toys for her

    The most famous toys for her are undoubtedly the vibrator and dildo. But there are many more sex toys for women available. Each of them with its own function and way of stimulation. To give you an idea of which sex toys are available for women, we have highlighted different types below.



    A vibrator is an electric sex toy that produces vibrations that can stimulate different erogenous zones of the body. For example, there are vibrators that are specially designed to stimulate the vagina, clitoris, G-spot or anus. Some vibrators are only used externally while others can be inserted. In addition, the toys are available in different materials and shapes. They can be used during masturbation, but can also be used with your partner during foreplay or sex.

    Anal toys

    Anal toys are sex toys specially designed for stimulating the anus. In the anus, there are many nerves and erogenous zones that when stimulated come can provide alot of pleasure and excitment.Toys like butt plugs, anal beads and anal balloons are perfect for stimulating of the anus. These toys can be used for anal stimulation, but also in preparation for anal sex


    A dildo is an elongated sex toy designed in many cases to look like and resemble a real penis. A dildo can be used to penetrate the vagina or anus and stimulate it from the inside. Some dildos have a suction cup that allows you to attach the toys to a smooth surface while others have a wide back that can be placed behind a strap-on harness. Dildos are available in different sizes and materials. For example, you can find dildos made of glass, plastic and silicone.

    Air pressure vibrators

    Air pressure vibrators are massagers that use an air pressure technique. These vibrators emit pulsating waves, making it look like the clitoris is being sucked without being touched. The feel of these vibrators can be compared to that of oral sex. Because the clitoris is not touched, it is possible to experience multiple orgasms with these vibrators, without the clitoris becoming hypersensitive.

    Vagina balls

    Vagina balls can be inserted into the vagina. The balls are available in different sizes with small balls usually measuring 2 cm in diameter and larger vagina balls are around 5 cm in diameter. The vagina balls provide a pleasant stimulation, however the real purpose of them, is to train the pelvic muscles by holding the balls inside.Training your pelvic muscles has a positive effect on health. Vagina balls can also be used during penetration.

    Wand vibrators

    A wand vibrator, also called a wand massager, is a massage device used to stimulate the entire body. These toys have a large, round head that delivers powerful and deep vibrations. In addition to a regular body massage, the toy can also be used for intimate purposes. Different erogenous zones such as the nipples, breasts, vagina and clitoris can be intensely stimulated with a wand vibrator. In addition, different accesories are available for wand vibrators, which can be purchased separately.

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