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    An Advent Calendar... What is it?

    With an Adult advent calendar, you can count down to Christmas by opening a box, card or door every day, revealing a fun or exciting surprise. Of course it’s not just for the season of Advent (the weeks before Christmas); you can use it whenever you want! The EasyToys Adult advent calendar is a very sexy and exciting calendar with a new erotic product every day. Experience it with your partner or on your own. 

    What's in the EasyToys Erotic Adult advent calendar 2023?

    Note: SPOILERS

  • Tapping Toy
  • Experience ultimate pleasure with the Tapping Toy, the innovative sex toy that takes you to new heights of ecstasy! Instead of traditional vibrations, this toy offers tapping sensations that stimulate and massage your most sensitive spots. This pulsating clitoral stimulator is suitable for external stimulation of the clitoris and other erogenous zones. Be amazed by the different tapping intensities and rhythms. Whether you prefer a gentle, rhythmic tap or an intense, pulsating tempo, the Tapping Toy has it all.

  • Body and Room Mist
  • TDive into a world of pure refreshment with our Body and Room Mist. This light and invigorating spray is designed to enliven both your skin and your living space with just one spritz. Spray some body and room mist in your bedroom and on your body to create a pleasant atmosphere and sensual scent.

  • Bullet Vibrator
  • Enter a realm of unparalleled pleasure with the Bullet Vibrator. Small yet powerful, this discreet toy is the perfect companion for those moments when you desire quick and effective stimulation. Despite its modest size, this bullet delivers surprisingly strong vibrations, bringing you to intense climaxes time and time again. It's the ideal toy for on-the-go use, thanks to its compact design that easily fits in your handbag or pocket. Hold the cord for safe vaginal use.

  • Lubricant
  • This is a personal lubricant intended for penis and/or vaginal application, designed to hydrate and lubricate, enhancing comfort during sexual activity. This product is suitable for use with latex condoms. Use this water-based lubricant in combination with any toy you desire. Apply some lubricant to the toy and the intimate area and enjoy.

  • Male Stroker
  • Discover ultimate solo pleasure with the Male Stroker. This masterfully designed masturbator goes beyond traditional manual stimulation, taking you to heights of ecstasy you've never experienced before. Apply water-based lubricant to the inside of the stroker, slide the penis into the opening, and move the stroker up and down the shaft.

  • Toy Cleaner
  • TClean your toys quickly and properly with this toy cleaner. The spray features a convenient pump system, is hygienic in use, and contains mild ingredients that won't damage your toy's material. Spray toy cleaner on your toys, let it sit briefly, and rinse them with lukewarm water. Repeat this step if necessary. Let the toy air dry or pat it dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.

  • Buttplug
  • Dive into deeper sensations with the Buttplug, your passport to undiscovered pleasures. Designed for newcomers and experienced enthusiasts alike, this stylish plug offers a gateway to more intense, deeper satisfaction. Easy to clean and discreet in storage options, this plug is as practical as it is exciting. Whether you want to broaden your sensual horizons or are already familiar with delightful sensations, the Buttplug is your ultimate guide to deeper satisfaction.

  • Handcuffs
  • Unleash your imagination with our premium handcuffs. These essential bondage toys are your key to a world of exciting games and submission. Perfect for both beginners and experienced BDSM enthusiasts, the handcuffs are designed for safe, erotic, and thrilling pleasure. Place the adjustable handcuffs around your partner's wrists. Attach them together with the clips. The handcuffs can be washed by hand at a maximum of 40 °C.

  • Thigh Cuffs
  • CStep into the world of sensory seduction with our exclusive thigh cuffs. This unique bondage tool offers an exciting variation on traditional handcuffs, adding a new level of excitement to your intimate moments. Ideal for those who want to expand the boundaries of their erotic exploration. Place the adjustable thigh cuffs around your partner's thighs. Attach the handcuff clips to the D-rings of the thigh cuffs for an exciting and restrictive position.

  • Orgasm Gel
  • Specially designed for those seeking that extra bit of stimulation, this gel acts as your secret weapon in the bedroom, intensifying every intimate moment. Apply a few drops of orgasm gel to the clitoris and massage in for intense stimulation and a cooling effect. Gently apply the gel to your most sensitive areas and feel a warm wave of excitement spread. Whether you're playing solo or sharing intimate time with a partner, this gel will enhance the intensity of every touch, stroke, and kiss.

  • Blindfold
  • Step into a world of mystery and sensation with our enticing blindfold. Whether you want to heighten your senses, add a touch of mystery to your game, or simply immerse yourself in deep, undisturbed sleep, this mask is the perfect choice for you. Place the blindfold over your eyes and enjoy every touch even more.

  • Dildo
  • Explore a world of profound pleasure with our dildo. Perfectly sculpted to reach every sensitive spot, this dildo offers the perfect blend of firmness and flexibility for an experience that feels just as real as it looks. Apply some water-based lubricant to the dildo and slowly insert it into the vagina. For anal use, apply water-based anal lubricant to the dildo and gently insert it into the anus. Make sure the base of the dildo remains outside the body.

  • Toy Bag
  • Safely and discreetly store your intimate treasures with our elegant toy bag. This bag is specially designed to protect and keep your favorite sex toys in top condition, ready for action. Store your toys in this shiny satin toy bag to protect them from light, dust, and damage. Pull the strings to close the toy bag.

  • Mini Wand Massager
  • Discover the power of pure ecstasy with our Mini Wand Massager. Small in size but powerful enough to take you to uncharted heights. This compact delight is the secret you'll always want to have with you, whether you're at home or on the go. The mini wand massager is perfect for clitoral stimulation and other erogenous zones.

  • Nipple Suckers
  • Awaken every sense with the sensational nipple suckers! Designed to tease your most sensitive zones, these beautiful creations enhance every stroke, tease, or touch. Make sure the nipples are erect by stimulating them with your fingers or having a partner orally stimulate them. Once accustomed to the stimulation, place the nipple suckers on the nipples. Squeeze and release to create a gentle vacuum that increases sensitivity. Apply a small amount of water-based lubricant to the edge of the nipple sucker before placing it on your nipple for optimal suction.

  • Rabbit Vibrator
  • EDive into an ocean of pleasure with the Rabbit Vibrator, your ultimate partner for unparalleled satisfaction. This vibrator is not just a toy but an elegant combination of precision and passion. With its graceful design and dual stimulation of both the clitoris and the G-spot, the Rabbit Vibrator promises you a heavenly journey of sensations. Press the power button briefly to change the vibration mode.

  • Flogger
  • Set the tone for a passionate evening with the seductive Flogger. This is not just an accessory but an instrument of power and submission, with each lash bringing you closer to your deepest desires. Playfully stroke or strike your partner's body with this flogger. This flogger can be wiped off with a damp cloth and mild soap. The sturdy handle provides perfect control, allowing you or your partner to accurately gauge the intensity of each lash. Explore the fine line between pain and pleasure and immerse yourself. Explore the fine line between pain and pleasure and let yourself be carried away in a game of dominance and submission.

  • Position Dice
  • Let fate guide you in the bedroom with the Position Dice. Roll them and discover the exciting positions or challenges you'll experience tonight. The dice add a playful element to your intimate moments, inviting spontaneity and adventure. Roll the dice and find out in which position you and your partner will make love.

  • Adjustable Cock Ring
  • Step into the world of customized pleasure with the Adjustable Cock Ring. This unique ring allows you to find the perfect fit every time. The easy adjustability provides both comfort and the right amount of pressure for enhanced performance. Place the ring around the base of the penis when the penis is flaccid. During an erection, the ring tightens around the penis, restricting blood flow. This can lead to a harder and longer-lasting erection, as well as more intense orgasms.

  • Massage Oil
  • Surrender to the sensory experience of our exclusive massage oil. Apply some massage oil to the palms of your hands, rub them together, and then massage your partner with your oiled hands. You can also apply the massage oil directly to your partner's body and massage it in. Let your fingers tell the story and discover the art of touch. Breathe deeply, relax, and let the oil work its enchanting magic. Every moment becomes a symphony of pleasure and connection.

  • Massager
  • Massage your partner's body with the massager, such as the shoulders, back, and legs. Use the massager with a water-based massage gel to glide smoothly over the body. This massager is intended for external use only. The ergonomic design makes it easy to maneuver the massager to any part of your body that deserves some extra attention. Whether you have sore muscles, knots in your back, or simply need some relaxation after a long day, our massager provides exactly what you need.

  • Couples Toy
  • This couples toy can be used in various ways and is suitable for (simultaneous) stimulation of the penis, clitoris, vagina, G-spot, and other erogenous zones. This toy can also be used as a vibrating cock ring due to its flexible arms. Elevate intimacy with our revolutionary couples toy. This special toy is designed for duos who want to deepen their pleasure together and push the boundaries of their togetherness.

  • Anal Lubricant
  • This is a personal anal lubricant, intended for anal application, designed to hydrate and lubricate, improving the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity. Anal water-based lubricant is thicker than regular water-based lubricant, making it perfect for anal use as the anus doesn't self-lubricate. This product can be used with latex condoms. This anal water-based lubricant can be used in combination with any toy. Apply some lubricant to the toy and your anus and enjoy. After anal use, never insert a toy vaginally without cleaning it first as indicated in the toy's cleaning instructions.

  • Bondage Rope
  • Bind your partner or try shibari (Japanese bondage art) with this multifunctional bondage rope. Enjoy the game and each other. Unravel a world of desire with our bondage rope. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this rope is essential for every sensual play.

    Is the Adult advent calendar suitable for me?

    The EasyToys Adult advent calendar 2023 is suitable for everyone, and we really mean EVERYONE. All products in the box are suitable for couples and solo use, and they can be used by both men and women. Want to explore something new when it comes to sex and sex toys? With this accessible and well-stocked calendar, you can go on a journey of discovery on your own or together with your partner.

    How will the Adult advent calendar be delivered?

    The Adult advent calendar is shipped in a blank cardboard box and discreetly delivered to your door. This way you can keep your Adult advent calendar experience intimate and discreet. You can share it with whoever you want or enjoy it on your own.

    Are the toys rechargeable or do I need batteries?

    All toys - except the vibrating cock ring - can be charged with the included USB cable. The cock ring with bullet vibrator runs on batteries (3x LR44). These batteries are included with the product. Before use, unscrew the bullet vibrator and remove the white protective plastic in the cap.

    Are users manuals included?

    Each product in the Erotic Advent Calendar has its own instructions for use. In addition, all instructions for use can be found at www.loveboxxx.nl at any time.