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    Clone-A-Willy Kit - Medium Tone

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    Product number : E24277
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    Product information

    • Create a silicone replica of your penis
    • Easy to make
    • With instructions
    • For any penis size
    • Fun as a gift
    • Colour: Beige

    The Deep Tone Clone-A-Willy's medically-tested molding gel process captures incredible, life-like detail, making this the most personalized vibrating sex toy you will ever own. The Medium Tone kit contains the same supplies as the traditional Clone-A-Willy kit, but in a realistic, medium brown skin-tone. Use the Medium Tone Clone-A-Willy to put the spark back in your long-distance relationship, or replicate your lover?s penis to double your pleasure and fun. The Clone-A-Willy kit makes a great romantic gift for birthdays, holidays, showers, anniversaries, and much more.

    1. Mix water with specially timed molding power.
    2. Insert your willy into the molding tube until it solidifies.
    3. Pour the rubber into the mold.
    4. Wait 24 hours and remove your new replica.

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    Sizes & specifications

    Product information

    • Product number: E24277
    • Brand: Empire Labs
    • Colour: Beige
    • Warranty: Yes
    • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
    • Original name: Clone-A-Willy Kit - Medium Tone


    • Length: 28.00 cm
    • Width: 6.40 cm


    • Material: silicone
    • Suitable lubricant: Water Based
    • Stimulation Target: Anus, Vagina

    Power & Speed

    • Operation: Push button
    • Vibration Type: Standard Vibration
    • Settings: 1
    • Power: Batteries
    • Noise level: Normal
    • Battery: Exclusive
    • Battery type: AA Batteries (Penlite)

    More specifications

    • User level: Beginner
    • Stimulation Type: Vibration
    • Weight: 444 gram
    • Package size: 6.3x6.3x28.2 cm
    • Origin: China
    • EAN: 0763290085927

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    Reviews (4)

    4 reviews
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    • Yvonne
      Tester review
      I was asked to test a 'Clone-a-Willy.' I was interested right away, but still discussed it with my husband first. I had no clue how he would respond. To my surprise he was totally excited. Secretly, it was something he always wanted to try, but it never happened. We started the adventure in good spirits.
      clone a willy

      The kit is delivered in a tube. I actually expected a big box, but everything seemed to fit. The set includes a thermometer, mold powder, silicone in two parts and a vibrator. The tube that holds the set is a part of it. You should prepare the mold powder, put it in the tube, insert your penis for one or two minutes, take your penis out and wait four to eight hours. Then prepare the silicone, poor it in the mold you created, push the vibrator in and wait 24 hours. And no, you do not need the penis of a porn star. You can cut the tube to the desired length. Our kit had a light skin tone. But it is also available in a darker complexion. Unfortunately the manual was not available in Dutch. It is however available in English, German, French and Spanish. You will also find some online instruction videos.

      It is not often that I have seen my husband this nervous, especially for a sex toy. He insisted on going it alone and he was quite afraid of messing up the set. It turned out fine. My husband didn't have the slightest problem to mix the chemical ingredients and to use the mold. He did have some pointers that I had to mention in my review:

      Shave beforehand. The mold powder turns into a kind of gel that sticks to everything.
      Take your underpants off completely and don't let them hang on your ankles. You will trip over them when walking to the sink to wash up.
      Save a little bit of powder for later so you can fill up the gaps. The impression came close to the tube which causes trouble when filling the tube with silicone later on.
      Make sure you watch something that turns you on so you can maintain an erection during this very non-arousing activity.

      The final result sufficient, or actually better than expected. There are some weird nooks and crannies, but for a DIY kit I think it turned out to be a pretty good replica. We especially liked the silicone. Those feel really good and have no odor whatsoever. They are high-quality and nice and sturdy. If I had to list another drawback it would be that the silicone mutes the vibrations. I would give the vibrator part of this toy six out of ten.

      This Clone-A-Willy exceeded all our expectations. It takes time and can be a bit messy but, at the end of the day, you end up with a lifelike replica of your penis. We really loved the details and it's such a fun idea. The finished vibrator offers tons of options, like for people in long-distance relationships. My husband is really glad he took the plunge and made this set. He's so enthusiastic that he's looking into where he can buy some silicone of his own. He wants to experiment and make his own sex toys. I can really recommend this Clone-A-Willy as a gift for others or for yourself. It takes some time, but what man doesn't want to immortalize his favorite body part?
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    • Joey
      When your girlfriend is looking for a new toy, how fun is it to give her a cast of your own cock?
      It's a huge hassle to get this done, making sure you have the right amount of water, but also that it's the right temperature. Afterwards, when you've mixed it well and put your penis in, the key is to keep it hard for a while.
      Although it is a bit of work, the result is great! Take your time, but then you have something!
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    • Felicia
      Following the reviews, read the instructions carefully and have everything prepared, including a timer (very important!) Unfortunately, it still didn't work out. There is too little plaster in the package, so it seems only suitable for a 'small' penis. Cut the tube short enough, but the filler only comes up to half. This, in combination with the rapid drying, results in half an impression in the mold. Despite stirring well for 45 seconds and acting quickly, there were still many bumps in the mixture making the print very ribbed and therefore unidentifiable from the penis that was modeling. The process of making it is quite laughable though and we ended up with a half misshapen dildo mold. So definitely not worth the 45 euros. Then you would have to buy two packages, in my opinion there is a good chance that it will still fail.
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    • GBVH
      It's fun to do. There is relatively little material to make the mould. The manual indicates you'll have to cut the tube, allowing for about 1.5 centimeter clearance. That's for a reason :)
      Otherwise just follow the manual closely and make sure your partner keeps you aroused while you hold your cucumber in the pudding.
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