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    Devil Dog Butt Plug

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    Product number : BUTTR013
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    Product information

    • XXL butt plug
    • Ribbed shaft
    • Large, flat base
    • Smooth material
    • Narrow, round top
    • For experienced users
    • Colour: Black

    With the BUTTR Pawn Butt Plug you can be sure that you will have more than your hands full. This XXL butt plug is made for the demanding user who is ready for the next step. The tapering shaft is ribbed for extra sensation with every centimeter. Not every beginning has to be difficult, therefore the BUTTR Pawn Butt Plug has a soft round top that you can easily insert.

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    Sizes & specifications

    Product information

    • Product number: BUTTR013
    • Brand: BUTTR
    • Colour: Black
    • Warranty: Yes
    • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
    • Original name: Devil Dog Butt Plug


    • Length: 25.90 cm
    • Inner length: 23.80 cm
    • Maximum diameter: 9.90 cm
    • Minimum diameter: 4.70 cm
    • Width: 11.50 cm


    • Material: PVC
    • Suitable for penetration: Yes
    • Suitable lubricant: Water Based
    • Stimulation Target: Anus, Vagina
    • Suction cup: Yes
    • Structure: Ribbed
    • Flat bottom: Yes

    More specifications

    • Suitable for anal penetration: Yes
    • User level: Expert
    • Weight: 1158 gram
    • Package size: 32x10x10 cm
    • Origin: China
    • EAN: 8719934000438

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    Reviews (27)

    27 reviews
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    • L.
      Tester review
      Buttr? Never heard of it... Did I want to review it? Sure. Bring it on!
      devil dog buttplug

      What does the packaging look like

      Buttr is a new brand (to me) and it only offers a small range of products. However, small is not the right word to describe this big boy... The packaging is the size and weight of a carton of milk. The packaging clearly shows the product. Anyway, EasyToys also packages the box itself for delivery.

      Technical specifications

      This is a butt plug. Are you sitting down: it's over 25 cm and the diameter ranges from 5 to 10 cm. It's MASSIVE! They're not exaggerating when they refer to this as an XXL model. The material is pretty study and it's not sticky. The suction cup on the bottom works properly.


      What I failed to notice is that this is supposed to be a butt plug and that I'm supposed to use insert it in my anus. Now, I think I'm pretty brave when it comes to butt stuff. However, the size of this thing is a bit nerve-wracking. I haven't gotten around to trying it. It's up to all you super-heroes out there: are you willing to accept this challenge?

      We thought it was a shame not to use it and I surprised my partner with this toy. We decided to use it as a dildo and inserted it vaginally. This was a lot of fun thanks to its tapered shape. It starts off like a relatively normal-sized dildo. However, it gets thicker as you insert it. Her sighs and moans let me know she really liked it!

      The packaging is pretty cool, it's a great product but this butt plug is for die-hard anal fans.


      Buttr knows what its doing. The products are lovely, the packaging is no-nonsense and the prices are attractive. Do take a close look at the specifications before ordering because this is a huge butt plug!
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    • Fist trainee
      Well, that is a wonderful size. I took some time to try it. I had already stretched the bulb with a nice thick butt plug of 6 cm diameter in the past, but this is the ultimate! First lubricated my butt hole well with FistIt lubricant and then applied the Devil Bulldog with the necessary lubricating cream. First, put the round head in and then slowly lowered onto it. After a few times in and out and some extra lubricant each time, I was already on the 6th ring, something like 7.5 cm diameter! That's going in the right direction, a little more practice and then I can start enjoying a nice fistful!
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    • Sven
      This butt plug is really convenient for training. Because it's tapered you can proceed little by little. I'm already halfway. It's flexible material and comes with a plastic bag you can use to keep your toy dust free. Definitely recommended.
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    • Libertin
      I bought this butt plug as a kind of "training tool" for larger plugs that didn't fit yet. The shape makes it perfect for that. What I didn't think about beforehand, but which is a really nice touch, is that the ridges and the 'ball' on top make for a great feeling when they slide into you. Of course, I am far from finished with this one and it will take quite a while before it fits completely (if it ever does). So all in all, a super purchase that I'm going to have a lot of fun with, both as a toy itself and by being a 'warm up' for bigger/other work!
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    • Pieter
      Perfect if you want to stretch yourself nicely. Stays put due to its high weight.
      It also gives a very nice challenge to go one ring further each time. A delightful toy you won't run out of quickly. Beautiful material and easy to clean.
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    • Lieke
      Wonderful to train with. The shape allows you to find your limit nicely and stretch it...
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    • Etienne
      A huge challenge. The beginning is easy, but as the plug goes deeper, it gets bigger and bigger, which requires training.
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    • Blije toys gebruiker
      Like always My new toy was, but in this case, a big challenge within the day after ordering. Definitely read the specifications but when the butt plug was on my table I thought my God, this is an enormous exciting challenge. Obviously I had to test it immediately very powerful lots of lubricant and managed to insert it up to the 3rd ring feels very filling. I'll have a lot of time and fun pushing this plug even further and deeper.
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    • a3
      Particularly pleasurable. It slides in easily. got to the 5th ring. I recommend it.
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    • Tho
      This product is nice, is a bigger size available?
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