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    How do I maintain my Fleshlight?

    Fleshlights are a popular choice for men looking for a realistic masturbation experience. Like any other sex toy, it's necessary to regularly clean your Fleshlight toy. During use, bacteria and fluids come into contact with your toy, which can lead to a buildup of bacteria and mold. If not thoroughly removed, they can pose a risk to your health and hygiene.


    By cleaning and maintaining your Fleshlight after each use, you can preserve the lifespan and quality of the product. Below, we discuss how you can properly maintain and clean your Fleshlight.

    Removing the sleeve from the casing

    It's important to remove the sleeve from the casing before cleaning the product. When the sleeve is still in the casing, it's difficult to remove all dirt particles from inside the sleeve. Hold the bottom of the casing and slowly pull out the sleeve. Do not use too much force to avoid damaging the product.

    Cleaning the sleeve

    After the sleeve is removed, you can clean it with lukewarm water and a toy cleaner if desired.

    • Make sure the Fleshlight sleeve is removed from the casing.
    • Hold the sleeve under the faucet and thoroughly rinse it with lukewarm water.
    • Turn the sleeve inside out and also thoroughly clean the inside of the sleeve under running water.
    • Optionally, you can use a specially designed cleaning agent for sex toys, such as a toy cleaner, according to the instructions on the product.

    Note: Do not use alcohol, soap, or aggressive cleaning products as these can damage the material of the sleeve and shorten the lifespan of the product.

    Drying the sleeve

    After rinsing the Fleshlight sleeve, it is important to thoroughly dry the sleeve before storing it or using it again. You can do this in the following way:

    • Dry the sleeve thoroughly by wiping it with a clean, soft towel.
    • Turn the sleeve inside out and let it dry further in the open air.
    • Do not place the sleeve near direct sunlight or heat sources.

    Avoid using towels that contain fibers as this can lead to damage to the sleeve. Allow the sleeve to air dry before storing it. Do you want your fleshlight sleeve to dry easily? Then try the Fleshlight Stand Dry!

    Protection with Fleshlight powder

    Fleshlight Renewing Powder is a product specially developed for Fleshlight sex toys. Over time, the material of the Fleshlight sleeve may lose its natural softness. The product is designed to slow down this process and ensure that the Fleshlight sleeve remains feeling like new.

    The Fleshlight Renewing Powder is easy to use: you sprinkle the powder on the inside of the sleeve and distribute it evenly over the surface. This restores the softness and elasticity of the sleeve's material, contributing to a more realistic feeling and better performance of the product.

    Want to know more?

    Especially for you, we have listed all the available versions of Fleshlight, so you can know exactly which versions are available and which one suits your preferences. We would also like to point out the many available add-ons for Fleshlight. Whether you are looking for a warm and realistic experience or more comfort, there is always an add-on available that suits your needs. So what are you waiting for?