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Male Masturbator Massager (Adult toy)- Pink Lady Unit

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Product number : FL810476017729
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Available in the week of 5 December

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Product information

  • Improve your stamina
  • For maximum sexual performance
  • Textured interior
  • Warm Fleshlight
  • Colour: Beige

Fleshlight - Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit

The key to lasting longer in bed and becoming the lover that every girl dreams about is not a cream, not a pill, and not a potion... it's PRACTICE. The Fleshlight STU™ (Stamina Training Unit) masturbation product is a sex toy for men specifically designed to replicate the incredible sensation of sexual intercourse in order to help you find your rhythm and obtain peak sexual performance.

With the patented Real Feel Super Skin® maturbation sleeve and a specifically-designed inner canal texture, the STU provides the most intense and pleasurable training experience possible.

When you masturbate using the Fleshlight STU, not only will you be improving your sexual stamina and techniques, you'll experience the intense orgasms that can only be achieved by using Fleshlight sex toys for men. If you can last 10 minutes in the STU, you can last 20 minutes in bed with anyone. The Fleshlight Pink Lady STU comes complete with the exclusive Gold Fleshlight Case. In Fleshlight you can buy the #1 best selling adult sex toys for men. Fleshlight is the best male masturbator.

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Sizes & specifications

Product information

  • Product number: FL810476017729
  • Brand: Fleshlight Toys
  • Colour: Beige
  • Original name: Male Masturbator Massager (Adult toy)- Pink Lady Unit


  • Length: 24.70 cm
  • Insertion depth: 21.50 cm


  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Material: silicone
  • Stimulation: Penis stimulation

More specifications

  • User level: Beginner
  • Weight: 722 gram
  • Package size: 11x11x27 cm
  • Origin: The Netherlands
  • EAN: 0810476017729

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Reviews (12)

12 reviews
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  • Marc
    Expert review
    Fleshlight has become an sex toy understanding people with a penis. In 1998 Steve Shubin got a patent on his invention: a flashlight-shaped holder (the name fleshlight was derived from the word flashlight) with a 'sleeve' of skin-like material (flesh). More than 20 years later there are countless variants of the company, based on the same principle but with different 'sleeves'. Some have even been modeled to famous porn stars.
    fleshlight stu

    EasyToys allowed me to test the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. And yes, I really wanted to. What does Fleshlight mean by Stamina Training?

    Stamina is another word for endurance. According to the package all men know you can improve skills by training. The Stamina Training Unit (STU) is not just for masturbating but also to improve sexual endurance. Excuse me? Masturbate to extent your time in bed?

    Maybe it is not such a crazy idea. The more you do something, the less exciting it becomes. The STU mimics the feeling of having sex with another person. The idea behind it: if you please yourself with the STU you will be less tense when having sex for real.


    The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit comes in a cardboard box with a clear window. The golden letters make the package look glamorous. To give you an idea what sensation to expect from the nubs and ridges inside the sleeve, the picture shows a cross section of the STU.

    Besides the Fleshlight STU, it includes a manual with pictures and a small pouch of water-based lubricant for first time use.

    In fact the Fleshlight is a hard plastic holder with a 'Superskin' sleeve. 'Superskin' is Fleshlight's trade name for the material they used for the sleeve. This is super soft material that feels like skin. No latex included which makes it appropriate for people with an allergy. It easily adapts to the environment so it feels warm quickly. Superskin is porous and in order to prevent bacteria from growing, you should clean it thoroughly afterwards. The exact composition is a secret although it is known to include silicone so you can only use water-based lubricant with it.

    When removing the cap, you will see the vagina-shaped opening of the Fleshlight. Be aware: the sleeve sits in a tube that prevents adhesion of the sleeve. Remove this before using it.

    The sleeve's material is very flexible and with little effort you can turn it inside out. This is especially convenient when you do not use a condom and want to clean the sleeve thoroughly.

    The 'test drive'.

    You have got to love that the opening looks somewhat like a cunt (pardon my French). Personally I am not a big fan of realistic sex toys. I think vibrators and dildos don't necessarily have to look like a penis and a masturbator doesn't have to look like a vagina (or anus.) I'd much rather have a less realistic masturbator like the Fleshlight Go Torque. Especially when you use sex toys with your partner - and why wouldn't you use a masturbator with your partner - a realistic design could distract. That's what I think.

    I also think that the STU smells somewhat odd. Not annoying, not present, just odd. This is because the manufacturer rubbed the sleeve with a powder (renewing powder).

    I am also a little skeptical about the whole stamina fuss. Get real guys! It's just a masturbator. You just use it to cum good. Preferably as fast as possible. What do you mean endurance? What do you mean training?

    The small pouch with lubricant that comes with it, is exactly enough for the first time. I poured the lubricant in the opening and used the last bit around the opening.

    Unique about the Fleshlight is the little air hole the end of the sleeve. It pushes air out of the sleeve when penetrating and generates light suction when retracting. The SDU sleeve is very tight. Combined with the soft material, the lubricants and the bulges on the inside that feel like tens of soft fingertips, makes you cum within two minutes the first time. At least I did.

    But can you truly train endurance with it? That mainly depends on the discipline you can yield while using the STU. If you ask me, you can use any sex toy for that. You don't necessarily need the stamina trainer. Maybe this works with men that cum too fast or never had sex before and are afraid they will cum too fast the first time with a partner? I have no idea. Nevertheless the feeling isn't less awesome.

    Cleaning and maintenance.

    After usage remove the sleeve from the holder and turn it inside out. Don't be afraid, you will not break it. Rinse it with lukewarm water and let it dry inside out or pat it dry it with a non-fuzzy cloth. If you really want the sleeve to last, buy some renewing powder and powder the inside above the sink. Then, put the right side out also pat-dry the outside. Now reinsert the sleeve in the holder and push the included tube inside to prevent adhesion. Put the top back on and it is ready for next time.


    I love the Fleshlight. The material and shape makes it is one of the best masturbators out there. Does it improve your endurance? I have no idea dude. But it is a damn good feeling to please yourself with this toy.

    This version has a gold colored holder and is shaped like a vagina. You have to love that. Thank goodness Fleshlight has many variants so there will always be one to your liking.

    The pros of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit:

    Super soft material. Feels realistic.

    You can buy all sorts of accessories, like a holder you can use in the shower or a heating element.

    You can use it in the shower (my favorite spot to masturbate).

    It can be used multiple times. Quite often even, if you take good care of it, clean it thoroughly and powder it after usage.

    The holder (that totally does not look like a flashlight) lies comfortably in your hand and is easy to handle.

    The cons:

    Odd scent.

    Porous material requires thorough clean to prevent bacteria from growing. That, or you need to use a condom.

    Not really cheap (but also not unaffordable).
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  • Henk
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  • Bert56
    Meets all my desires.
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  • Jan
    It's my favorite. Super nice
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  • Bone
    I've had this for about four months. Fan-tas-tic. I use it regularly.
    The products that come with it make it easy to maintain. Personally I'm not a fan of the lubricant that comes with it. The holder with the suction cup is a minor drawback. If the surface isn't entirely smooth and if you don't add a little water to it, the suction cup will come loose easily. Trust me, that's a turn off when you're almost there.

    The powder and cleaner that come with it are nice. They keep it smelling fresh all the time. I leave the back of the shaft open and turned up after cleaning. So any remaining moisture can drain out. If you don't, there will be some residual moisture the next time you use it. So I can't give it five stars for user experience.

    I've never had as many orgasms as with this thing, so I definitely recommend it! Should it ever break, I'll be online buying another within five minutes ;-)
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  • Joost
    One of the best toys that I've ever ordered, it's really great to use and it's super easy to keep clean. Just like other Fleshlights, it's bigger than you think if you just look at the pictures and haven't seen it in real life yet.
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  • Boy69
    +nice packaging
    + good material, does not tear easily
    + nice design
    + easy to clean
    + nice and long

    - could have a different pattern on the inside, sometimes a bit boring
    - Naturally it is not warm
    - with the bottle around it during masturbation it sometimes felt heavy to hold

    Overall, I enjoyed my purchase greatly and I think the price is certainly worth it.
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  • Reag
    It's easy to use. Apply some lube to yourself and the Fleshlight. Depending on the amount of lubricant, the Fleshlight will give you a great orgasm. Nice to use once in a while, in addition to regular sex and masturbating. Just rinse it clean after use and you're done. Its been in my nightstand for years (takes up a decent amount of space, along with the bottle of lube), just like my wife's vibrator in her nightstand!
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  • Barry
    As far as I'm concerned, Fleshlight is the most realistic-feeling masturbator. It also looks real. An additional advantage of this brand is that you can buy many accessories that make the use more varied (shower suction cup, etc.). The large handle also makes it fun to use with a partner.

    The disadvantage of the Fleshlight Pink Lady is that it is quite heavy in weight, not bad for once, but with frequent use it is somewhat heavy on the wrist. Also, the masturbator is open on two sides, so cleaning is a chore. Given the price, I will stay with Tenga Air Tech for the time being. But if you love to masturbate, you must have a Fleshlight!

    Oh yes, Stamina training? It could be, but no more than other masturbators.
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  • Mr. Dickerson
    Let me say that this is nothing like sex with a woman. Picking up each other's rhythm, moving in sync, bringing each other to an inevitable climax. 3
    None of this.

    Having said that...

    I will really never go back to masturbation with only the hand. Wow how nice is this thing. At first (before I had used the thing) I thought it was weird, maybe even a bit awkward. After the first use that was immediately gone. It's just much tastier than by hand, so I would be crazy to go for the lesser option.

    With this you will be able to train your stamina much better than just by hand, I am convinced.

    In terms of size, this thing is just right. I have an above average length/thickness and there is still room for more.

    Quite a large unit, so difficult to hide if necessary.

    Does it feel like real skin? I think that is not too bad, but certainly not disappointing. The powder is really a must here, believe me, thank me later.

    Cleaning, and especially drying up, does take some time. This is really the only downside, which is not really a downside (Isopropyl alcohol reduces the time enormously).

    -Do not turn the sleeve inside out, not even to dry or powder.
    - Sprinkle powder on the entry side and on the inside, rub until everything has a skin-feel touch again. (Don't over-do)
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