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    Pjur Cool Lubricant 100ml

    100 mL ( 179,90 / 1 L)
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    Product number : 06121620000
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    Product information

    • Condom-friendly
    • Scent and taste free
    • Colour: Transparent
    • Content: 100 mL

    Pjur ® analysis me! Comfort Water Anal Glide.

    Based lubricant with hyaluronic acid, which forms small water cushions that support the gliding effect. This lubricant is perfect for anal use. It is tasteless and odorless, condom safe, and does not stick.

    Features Pjur ® Analysis me:
    - Water-based lubricant
    - Content: 100 ml
    - Odorless and tasteless
    - Condom safe
    - Non-sticky
    - Suitable for anal use

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    Sizes & specifications

    Product information

    • Product number: 06121620000
    • Brand: Pjur
    • Colour: Transparent
    • Warranty: Yes
    • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
    • Content: 100 mL
    • Original name: Pjur Cool Lubricant 100ml

    More specifications

    • Weight: 127 gram
    • Package size: 14.5x4x4 cm
    • Origin: Germany
    • EAN: 0827160110154
    • Unit price: 100 mL ( 179,90 / 1 L)

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    • Marc
      Expert review
      Lubricant may be one of the most underrated 'sex toys' there is. I've said it before. Because lube makes sex so much more enjoyable, even if the receiver is a woman who has no problem getting wet.
      pjur cooling glijmiddel

      Lubricant is great for PIV (Penis-In-Vagina) sex, but also for manual sex (fingering, jerking off) and it's an absolute must-have for anal sex or when you're using an anal toy. Personally, I absolutely recommend lubricants with stimulating additives (like the Pjur Cool, that has a cooling effect) in general!

      But there's still a lot of controversy around lubricant. I mean, what kind of ingredients are in it, and are they all things that are safe to put on your most intimate areas? Fortunately there are brands like Pjur, that prioritize health and safety.

      Pjur Cool Refreshing Menthol: what is it?

      At its essence, Pjur Cool is simply a water-based lubricant. But what makes it so unique is the addition of menthol. That creates a cooling effect, which can also give you a tingling sensation.

      If you have ever had oral sex with someone who had just brushed their teeth, or had a peppermint in their mouth, you know the effect. Even if you have occasionally showered with menthol soap, you may understand how refreshing and exciting it can be.

      If you've never experienced that before, then the sensation can best be described as a refined tingling sensation, as if thousands of tiny needles are gently piercing your skin. But in a nice way.

      In addition to water, Pjur contains a several ingredients to make the water thicker (propylene glycol, glycerol, ethoxydiglycol, hydroxyethylcellulose). It also contains guar bean extract (hydroxypropyl guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride) which has a soothing effect. There are also a few ingredients designed to prevent the lubricant from spoiling (citric acid, methylchlorosothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone). It also contains a natural solvent (benzyl alcohol). The cooling effect comes from the menthol (menthyl lactate). All ingredients are essentially safe with normal use and are often used in food and cosmetics. Pjur does say that it's better to avoid glycerin-like substances if you regularly have yeast infections.


      There's not much to unbox with a lubricant. It's a bottle, so what?

      But Pjur still manages to distinguish their product from other lubricants in a number of areas. For instance, there are several logos and quality certifications on the bottle, including the German Dermatest certification and the CE mark. That means that it's both dermatalogically tested and meets multiple quality standards. That's important because lubricant comes in contact with skin and - more importantly - the mucous membranes on your intimate areas.

      It's also important to note that the bottle has a screw top instead of a pump. The first time I used a Pjur product, I was disappointed. But Pjur has put some thought into this one. For instance, one big downside of a pump is that it can be a breeding ground for bacteria. And there will always be a drop on the end of the pump that dries out and goes bad. That can also make it easier for the lube that's still in the bottle to go bad. But not with Pjur, because it just has a standard screw top.

      The test drive

      I (male) tested out Pjur Cool with my partner (female). When you put the Pjur Cool on your hand, you can feel the cooling, refreshing effect immediately.

      The lubricant is pretty thin and watery, so if you put too much on your hand, it'll slide off. That's why it's better to put it straight from the bottle onto the area in question. Put a few teaspoon's worth, for instance straight on the glans and then rub it into the penis and balls. Or drip some onto the clitoris and rub it into the labia and vagina. If you like the cooling effect, I'd recommend putting a little on the anus (it feels really good).

      Pjur Cool feels really nice and soft. It isn't sticky. The refreshing feeling isn't all that strong and disappears pretty quickly. Personally, I think that's a shame. Pjur Cool doesn't work all that long as a lubricant, either. It absorbs into the skin quite quickly. We added some extra Pjur Cool after just a few minutes.


      Pjur is a trusted brand that makes very high quality lubricant. It's an excellent lubricant, and the refreshing menthol provides a pleasant tingling sensation. I would recommend Pjur Cool especially if you think other menthol lubricants are too intense.

      The pros of Pjur Cool Refreshing Menthol:

      Pleasant, slightly tingling sensation
      Safe to use with condoms
      Unscented and flavorless
      Easy to dispense
      Dermatologically tested
      Does not contain flavors or dyes
      Water-based, so easy to wash off. Doesn't stain.

      The cons:

      It seems to 'evaporate' quicker than other water-based lubricants
      It tingles more than some other menthol lubricants
      Contains glycerin and preservatives. That is why Pjur does not recommend using it if you regularly struggle with yeast infections. But Pjur does have several other products available that don't contain those ingredients.
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