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    Sex toys for gay and bisexual men

    There are many sex toys available for gay men that you can use with your partner to improve your sex life. We have compiled an overview for you.


    Dildos are available in different materials and sizes. You will find sturdy glass and metal dildos for strong stimulation, as well as flexible silicone and rubber dildos. If you are less experienced with anal stimulation, toys of latter materials are more suitable. Dildos for anal use have a slightly narrower tip for easier insertion. Some dildos have a suction cup so you can attach the toys to a smooth surface. In addition, there are also dildos to stimulate the prostate. You can recognize this by a round, convex head with a slight curvature in the shaft. By applying pressure against the prostate with the dildo, or by gently rubbing it, you stimulate the prostate. Some men may experience intense orgasms when their prostates are stimulated.

    Cock rings

    A cock ring ensures longer sex pleasure for you and your partner! Thet cock ring is attached to the base of the penis, so the blood can flow into the erectile tissue of the penis, but not out. This keeps the erection longer. This way you and your partner can enjoy more sex. A penis ring is also a useful toy for men who have erection problems. In addition to the fixed size of cock rings, adjustable ones are also available. Perfect option when you do not know which size fits your penis!

    Anal toys

    Many anal toys have been designed to stimulate and penetrate the anus. A butt plug has a narrow top for easy insertion and a wide foot that prevents the toy from shooting in. A butt plug closes the anus, leaving both hands to focus on other erogenous zones. For extra stimulation, a vibrating butt plug or inflatable butt plug can also be chosen. In addition, hollow butt plugs are also available, which have an open interior. A hollow butt plug makes it easy to insert lubricant into the anus and can also be penetrated.


    Anal vibrators

    An anal vibrator is a vibrator that is specifically intended to stimulate and penetrate the anus. Unlike a normal vibrator, these sex toys have a smaller top, making them easy to insert. Some anal vibrators are shaped like a penis, others consist of closely spaced beads that increase in size. This gives different levels of pleasure when inserting and removing the toy. The vibrations of an anal vibrator can also help to relax the anus better. By gently vibrating the vibrator against the anus, it will relax better.


    A good lubricant makes sex and the use of sex toys much smoother. Especially with anal sex, a good lubricant is indispensable. An anal lubricant has a thicker texture, so you don't have to replenish it as often. You can choose between a water-based lubricant or one based on silicone. A silicone-based lubricant has a longer action, but cannot, for example, be combined with silicone sex toys. In addition, lubricants for anal sex often contain a component that has a narcotic effect on the anus. This allows the anus to relax more easily.

    Bondage sets

    With a bondage set you can purchase multiple bondage products at once. This offers the opportunity to try out different things to see if bondage and BDSM is something for you. In the bondage sets you will find different products such as hand and wrist cuffs, connecting lines, whips, ticklers and blindfolds. These products can be used to restrict your partner's freedom of movement. The feeling of power and powerlessness that comes with this can be very satisfying for both partners.

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