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    The 5 most popular air pressure vibrators

    Air pressure vibrators have become hugely popular in a short period of time, which is why more and more variants have appeared that no longer vibrate, but stimulate the clitoris through air pressure stimulation. This can lead to intense orgasms and many women find this stimulation unique and exciting. For those who no longer know where to start, we have compiled a handy list of the best air pressure vibrators, for beginners to more advanced users.

    Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

    The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is one of the most popular air pressure vibrators on the market and is considered a budget-friendly option. This toy is unique because of the way it works and the intensity of stimulation it offers.

    A unique feature of the Satisfyer Pro 2 is its waterproof body, which makes the toy easy to use in the shower or bath. The air pressure vibrator is also equipped with a rechargeable battery, allowing you to use it over and over again without having to change batteries.

    Recently introduced, the Satisfyer Pro 2 X EasyToys is a treat for both the body and eyes, a piece of eye candy in every sense. Crafted entirely from silky-smooth silicone and presented in the signature pink color of EasyToys, this exclusive edition is not just a significant addition to your collection but also a visual delight. Promising intense pleasure, it adds a touch of elegance to your personal assortment, making it much more than just a pleasure product—it's a statement of style and sophistication.

    Womanizer Premium

    Womanizer is an innovative brand in the world of sex toys and is known for its advanced technologies for clitoral stimulation. The brand was the first to introduce the Pleasure Air Technology, which stimulates the clitoris through pulsating air pressure waves, without making direct skin contact. After the introduction of this technology, many other companies tried to copy this method of stimulation.

    Currently, the Womanizer Premium 2 is the most popular toy in the Womanizer collection. This air pressure vibrator uses Smart Silence technology, which means the vibrator only starts working when it is up to 2 mm away from the skin. This ensures discreet use and prevents uncomfortable situations. The Premium 2 also has an Auto Pilot function, which allows you to have the intensity increased automatically, so you can fully concentrate on your pleasure and enjoyment.

    LELO Sona

    The Lelo Sona 2 is a revolutionary clitoral stimulator that guarantees an intense and satisfying sensation. Using special sound waves, the Sona 2 stimulates not only the clitoris, but also the surrounding area, allowing you to experience a completely new sensation. The Sona 2's larger opening makes this experience even more intense and expansive than its predecessor.

    With 12 different stimulation modes, the Sona 2 offers a wide range of options to find your ultimate pleasure. Using the Sona 2 is easy, thanks to the intuitive buttons on the handle, which allow you to easily switch between the different modes. Moreover, the Sona 2 is completely waterproof, allowing you to use it safely in the shower or bath. The Sona 2 is available in three different colours, allowing you to choose one that suits your personal preferences.

    Womanizer Liberty

    Meet the Womanizer Liberty - a small but powerful sextoy that offers all the benefits of its larger counterparts in a convenient, discreet size. The Womanizer Liberty is designed to take your pleasure to new heights using air pressure stimulation, and with 6 different intensity levels, this toy offers a range of sensations to choose from.

    What really sets the Womanizer Liberty apart from other toys is the handy cap with magnetic closure, which allows you to easily store and transport the toy without fear of damaging it. The soft silicone mouth of the Womanizer Liberty is removable and can be replaced with different attachment caps, allowing you to customise the toy to your personal preferences.

    Svakom Pulse Pure

    Experience a world of sensations with the Pulse Pure by Svakom. This innovative design provides unprecedented targeted stimulation and a long-lasting orgasm. With 5 vibration modes and 5 different speeds, you can fine-tune the intensity of your stimulation to suit your needs. Control the Pulse Pure easily with the pushbutton and discover the many possibilities of this amazing toy.

    Thanks to its ergonomic design and use of silicone material, the Pulse Pure fits comfortably in your hand and feels soft on your skin. Besides its impressive performance, the Pulse Pure is also a real eye-catcher. The device looks luxurious, feminine and sexy, making it a perfect gift for yourself or a partner.

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