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    The Handy Masturbator

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    Product number : 05989500000
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    Product information

    • Mains-powered masturbator
    • Very flexible sleeve
    • Compatible with various sleeves
    • Connects to the internet
    • With handyfeeling.com video content
    • Compatible with VR headsets
    • Colour: Black

    An innovative and diverse high-tech masturbator!
    Mains-powered masturbator with a dotted sleeve that can be attached to the masturbator by the TrueGrip band. The diameter
    of the extremely flexible sleeve can be adjusted for an even more intense feeling. Furthermore, the Handy can be used with your own favourite sleeves. The length and speed of the strokes are variable and can be adjusted on the device. Thanks to its powerful motor, the Handy can do up to 10 strokes per second and a maximum length of 11 cm. The Handy can be connected to the internet via an encrypted WiFi because of its integrated dual core processor. The length and speed of the strokes can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world via the handyfeeling.com website. Furthermore, there is video material on the website which the Handy can be syncronised to – the sleeve strokes can then be adjusted to the online video. It can also be connected to VR headsets.

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    Sizes & specifications

    Product information

    • Product number: 05989500000
    • Brand: Handy
    • Colour: Black, Transp.
    • Warranty: Yes
    • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
    • Original name: The Handy Masturbator


    • Length: 23.00 cm
    • Inner length: 11.00 cm
    • Inner diameter: 2.50 cm


    • Flexible: Yes
    • Elastic: Yes
    • Material: TPE, ABS
    • Suitable lubricant: Water Based
    • Stimulation Target: Penis
    • Opening: Neutral
    • Internal structure: Nubs

    Power & Speed

    • Power: Electrical plug
    • Noise level: Normal

    More specifications

    • User level: More Experienced
    • Toyfinder: For Him
    • Weight: 1345 gram
    • Package size: 11x19.5x28.5 cm
    • Origin: China
    • EAN: 7090053283836

    Service & Returns

    Reviews (9)

    9 reviews
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    • Dibo
      My first masturbators are: Teazers Oral Masturbator and Boners Vibrating Blowjob Simulator. I thought, this must be it. Being pampered whenever you want. Without questions, without comments.
      Unfortunately... the experience with these stimulators was not good. Really not good. Vibrations are fun, but don't bring climax.
      Then purchased The Handy.... pfff...wow...wowow.... nothing compares to this... truly an incredible experience.... and it doesn't stop...offline, online, alone, or with your partner...the sensations are nice. very nice.
      now to experiment with different sleeves.
      Too bad they can only be bought through Handy.
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    • Henk
      A great experience and with a bit of puzzle work you can link it through multiple sites so that it is synchronized with, among other things, video or games. Had high expectations but they have been exceeded. What a pleasure it to use
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    • Ser
      Super I have had other devices before this but they did not work for me. The Handy is because it has a direct powered motor making it a lot more responsive.
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    • Dave
      OK, I've had this kind of equipment before but they didn't work well. This one is really incredibly pleasant and just works well. I only use 'manual mode', the rest I find too much of a hassle, I don't have time for all that. But the manual setting is also just fine.
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    • Wim
      Exceeds expectations, truly a wonderful masturbator!
      Lots of variety and especially in combination with fun scripts/VR a great experience.
      Too bad easytoys doesn't currently offer matching extra sleeves (they do from the handy brand)!
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    • Walter
      I have had this one for over a month now and I am very pleased with it. It's not cheap, but it really does do what it promises. You can use it without connecting it to the internet and it feels nice and simple to use.

      Connecting with Wi-Fi does give a huge extra dimension and that didn't go smoothly right away. It took me several attempts to connect. But once you've succeeded, it's very easy after that. I tried it with porn where The Handy mimicked the movements, very cool experience. I also gave control to another person, which really feels super.

      I like the feel of the sleeve that comes with The Handy. You can also put other sleeves on it, but they shouldn't be too heavy or too big because then the motor can't handle it.

      Only downside I think is that you have to hold the device yourself the whole time, so you don't have two hands free. You can find a lot of creative ideas on the internet though, there is a large community of enthusiasts on Reddit, among others, who exchange tips.
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    • Vrboy
      Perfect experience, superior to the Fleshlight, etc., particularly in VR with automatic synchronized content, check Sexlikereal.com and their app.
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    • Nol
      Note: If you are not that large then this is not the masturbator for you! Why?The sleeve attachment sits about 6 inches away from your base. Because of this, the movement is minimal, in fact you just sit there fiddling with it. VR is great, however with minimal movements on screen, you are already at your maximum stroke length #frustrating. So if you have about 16 cm to offer, you're great!

      My choice now is another one where you put your member in directly. Onyx2 or something, seems great to me.
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    • nelisjes
      I wouldn't recommend it, it doesn't have enough power and stops at the least bit of resistance. After using it for a few minutes, the device quickly got too hot to use comfortably.
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