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    Easytoys Pocket Rocket - Blue

    14,99 6,99
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    Product number : ET008BLUE
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    Product information

    • Easy to use
    • Small and portable
    • With 4 different attachments
    • Typical Pocket Rocket
    • Available in various colours
    • Colour: Blue

    Wherever you are, the Pocket Rocket matches every mood you're in. Turn the cap and intimately enjoy the four different attachments. Or use it as a massager during exciting foreplay with your partner. It's up to you!

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    Sizes & specifications

    Product information

    • Product number: ET008BLUE
    • Brand: Easytoys Mini Vibe Collection
    • Colour: Blue
    • Warranty: Yes
    • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
    • Original name: ZiZi Chikubi Buttplug - Transparent


    • Length: 10.50 cm
    • Insertion depth: 7.00 cm
    • Maximum diameter: 2.30 cm
    • Minimum diameter: 2.30 cm


    • Waterproof: Yes
    • Flexible: No
    • Material: ABS
    • Suitable for penetration: Yes
    • Suitable lubricant: Water Based, Silicon Base
    • Stimulation Target: Clitoris

    Power & Speed

    • Operation: Control button
    • Vibration Type: Standard Vibration
    • Settings: 1
    • Power: Batteries
    • Noise level: Normal
    • Battery: Exclusive
    • Battery type: AA Batteries (Penlite)

    More specifications

    • Mini Vibrator Type: Pocket Rocket
    • CE tag: Yes
    • User level: Beginner
    • Weight: 74 gram
    • Package size: 18.5x11.5x4 cm
    • Origin: China
    • EAN: 8718627522110

    Service & Returns

    Reviews (30)

    30 reviews
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    • Laura
      Expert review
      What can you expect from the Pocket Rocket?

      "Wherever you are, the Pocket Rocket fits every mood. Turn the knob and enjoy the four different stimulators.” That's what the Pocket Rocket package says.
      Pocket rocket Verpakking

      From the moment I saw this toy, I was pretty skeptical. The toy looks really cheap, because it's made from ABS plastic. The toy runs on just one AA battery, so I'm really curious to see if the toy provides deep vibrations.  I'm also curious to see whether there's much of a difference between the attachments and they provide different kinds of pleasure.


      The Pocket Rocket comes in a plastic package that I don't think looks all that great. Unboxing a vibrator can be a lot of fun because it comes in a nice luxurious package, but that is not the case with this toy. The packaging actually made me even more curious to see whether or not it's a good vibrator. The Pocket Rocket doesn't come with a separate manual, everything you need to know is on the back of the box. The simplicity of this toy is definitely a plus.


      The Pocket Rocket comes with four attachments, each with its own stimulator. There's an attachment with flat studs, an attachment with studs, an attachment with sharper studs or a smooth attachment. Each of these attachments provides a different kind of stimulation, if the package is to be believed. The attachments are easy to put on the Pocket Rocket and they stay in place well, which is something I think is important in a vibrator. For clarity, there are pictures below of the attachments on the Pocket Rocket.


      The Pocket Rocket is operated with a knob. The Pocket Rocket only has one vibration setting. It's a smooth knob that turns easily. On is all the way to the right, off is in the middle, and if you turn the knob all the way to the left, it opens the Pocket Rocket.

      Other features

      As I mentioned previously, the Pocket Rocket is made of ABS plastic. It's a type of plastic that's very hard and high quality. ABS is used for rigid items and it's  a safe material. The Pocket Rocket is a hard vibrator that's not flexible. The Pocket Rocket is also 25 mm wide and 105 mm long. Below you can see the toy next to a AA battery so you can get an idea of how big the Pocket Rocket is.

      How does it feel?

      The Pocket Rocket packaging says that the toy is also waterproof, so I put it to the test. I tested the toy in the shower and started out with the smooth attachment. When I turned on the toy, tremendous vibrations came out of the tiny device. That's something I certainly didn't expect. Definitely a plus. The smooth attachment distributes the vibrations well and feels pleasant. The second attachment that I tested was the attachment with flat studs. I barely noticed a difference compared to the smooth attachment. Next up was the studded attachment. The studs distributed the vibrations across a few points, that makes the sensation more intense. When it came to the attachment with sharp studs, the sensation just intensified.


      The Pocket Rocket makes a lot of noise, and I think that's definitely worth mentioning. That doesn't have to be a problem for everyone, but if you want a silent toy,  you'd do better to look for a different toy.


      The Rocket Power attachments are easy to clean, because you can easily remove them from the Pocket Rocket. That's really important, because hygiene is very important in a sex toy. I do feel like it's a downside that there's a small crack between the motor and the cap where you attach the attachments. Over time, grime will start to collect in it, and it's a difficult place to clean properly.

      Final verdict

      The Pocket Rocket is a fun toy for the low price of €9.95. The toy doesn't look very high-end thanks to the ABS plastic and the packaging. And yet the toy does what it's supposed to do, it provides pleasure and it's made of safe material. The toy produces great vibrations with just one AA battery, which I think is great. Keep in mind that this toy isn't silent, it creates a decent amount of noise. Not all of the studs provide a different sensation, but trying out the different attachments is fun. This toy is, as the packaging promises, waterproof, so it can be fun to use the toy in the shower. If you want a simple toy that's not too expensive, then I can definitely recommend the Pocket Rocket.
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    • Tati
      Really pleased
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    • Tati
      Written at color: Pink
      Very satisfied, have been using this for years
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    • Lieverd
      Written at color: Pink
      Nice item.
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    • RoodS
      handy if you don't want to spend much, you do get what you buy for the price, it's not super special but has strong vibrations. Different attachments are handy, just a little awkward to clean because a lot gets stuck between the ridges, you can only get this out with a long nail or toothpick
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    • Linn
      Written at color: Pink
      Super thing goes like a bull, but it's difficult to get it on.
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    • B.R.
      A must-have if you ask me. Not quiet, but luckily that doesn't matter to me. Not expensive for the pleasure it gives you.
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    • Zoey
      Super but unfortunately it broke very quickly
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    • Bartje
      Small but also good
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    • rover
      My second, the first one cracked after a year so there was no contact with the battery anymore and it quit, but at this price I'm definitely not complaining.
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