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    Generation Easy: not based on age, but based on lifestyle.

    Welcome to your sexiest summer ever, with Generation Easy! At EasyToys we’re starting a new generation. A generation, not based on age, but based on lifestyle.

    Regardless of sexual orientation, preferences and appearance

    A generation in which everyone dares to be who they want to be, where everyone accepts each other regardless of sexual orientation, preferences, and appearance. A generation in which kink shaming and slut shaming don’t exist. Taboos? What are those?! With Generation Easy there is no fear of enjoying sex, nor shame in talking about sex, your fantasies, and your preferences.
    This summer we invite everyone to take part in the most open-minded and amazing generation up till now: Generation Easy! Are you ready for this?

    Generation Easy celebrates the Summer of Love!

    This year it’s the Summer of Love. Celebrate with us your love of life, your love for your partner(s), your lifestyle and yourself! Turn this summer into a journey of discovery across all your favourite places. Discover true pleasure and show the world how incredible life can be, when you can be yourself. Whether you enjoy hot girl summer to the fullest, find true love in your partner, or declare love to yourself as a happy single, this summer will be yours. This summer will be ours. Celebrate Summer of Love with Generation Easy. Let’s do this!

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