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    Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 - Lilac

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    Product number : 4051895
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    Product information

    • Liquid Air Technology
    • 12 air pressure levels
    • With the addition of vibrations
    • Two silicone caps
    • Waterproof and USB rechargeable
    • Does not work with App
    • Colour: Purple

    Discover the new generation of Satisfyer! The Pro 2 Generation 3 offers a new dimension of pleasure. With the innovative Liquid Air Technology, the latest generation of this classic Satisfyer mimics the sensual wave of pulsating water without making direct contact with the skin.

    The Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 Connect App is the ultimate toy when it comes to clitoral stimulation. The successor to the popular Satisfyer Pro 2 is much more than a classic air pressure vibrator with Air Pulse technology. Thanks to the two motors, you can now also indulge yourself with 12 whisper-quiet vibration modes! However, the breathtaking revolution is the innovative Liquid Air Technology: the additional cap with a thin layer of silicone creates intense waves that mimic the sensual beat of pulsating water. The Pro 2 Generation 3 stimulates your body, making an orgasm possible like you have never experienced before.

    Prefer to stimulate your clitoris with the trusted and completely contactless Air Pulse technology? The Pro 2 Generation 3 Connect App comes with two silicone caps, so you can always choose. Immerse yourself in 12 air pressure programs, which you can use alone or combine with 5 vibration modes and 7 patterns.

    The Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 has a refined, matte design. Unlike its predecessor, this innovative Satisfyer is made of 100% body-safe silicone with Soft Touch Feel, which feels super smooth on the skin and is particularly hygienic. Thanks to the waterproof (IPX7) finish, it is not only the ideal companion during a warm bath or relaxing shower, but also easy to clean with lukewarm water and a toy cleaner. After you have reached dizzying heights of pleasure, you can easily recharge the vibrator with the included magnetic USB charging cable.

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    Sizes & specifications

    Product information

    • Product number: 4051895
    • Brand: Satisfyer
    • Colour: Purple
    • Warranty: Yes
    • Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
    • Original name: Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 - Lilac


    • Waterproof: Yes
    • Material: silicone
    • Suitable lubricant: Water Based
    • Stimulation Target: Clitoris

    Power & Speed

    • Vibration power: Variable vibrations
    • Operation: Push button
    • Vibration Type: Adjustable vibration / multispeed
    • Settings: 12
    • Power: Charger (USB)
    • Noise level: Normal

    More specifications

    • Pulsation: Various pulsation settings
    • User level: Beginner
    • Toyfinder: For Her
    • Weight: 240 gram
    • Package size: 8x16x21 cm
    • Origin: China
    • EAN: 4061504051895

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    Reviews (35)

    35 reviews
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    • Bloem
      Written at color: Purple
      Absolutely recommended! This is the first toy I've purchased. On the recommendation of girlfriends, I chose this product. Within minutes I already reached a blistering climax!
      Easy to use and clean Every woman should have this in their home!
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    • Smuis
      Written at color: Red
      After owning only a travel-size Satisfyer, I thought it was time to order a "regular" Satisfyer after all, and wow what a good choice it has been!

      I chose the Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3 because it already had many good reviews. The color wine red is something new again in my collection!

      This Satisfyer comes with 2 different cups, the "regular" one with opening and one with a closed cup. This one has some kind of fleece over it which should make it feel more like a good blow job, but for me this one doesn't. But with the 'regular' cup I definitely do reach a good orgasm!
      What is especially nice about this Satisfyer is that in addition to the regular suction, it also includes a vibration function, which you can very easily turn on and off by means of a button. This button is right below the on/off button, which also allows you to control the speed.

      I don't see any disadvantages to this Satisfyer at all, it sits well in my hand, is waterproof, easy to charge with the included cable and does the job just great!

      I recommend every woman to buy a Satisfyer anyway! It's not only great for masturbating yourself, but also a wonderful addition for during sex!
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    • V
      Written at color: Black
      Since my wife can no longer tolerate penetration after several medical surgeries, I've been looking for a long time for fun toys to enhance our sex life. After trying several vibrators, I decided to go for a specific clitoral toy.

      As always, the product is packaged well and discreetly by Easytoys. But then when the delivery guy showed up at the door, we were itching to go because we couldn't wait to try it out. The product is neatly packaged and comes out of its packaging easily. Charging wasn't really necessary, but just to be sure, we charged it fully so we wouldn't have to stop prematurely the first time we used it because of a dead battery.

      We had initially looked at the Satisfyer pro 2 Generation 2 but finally opted for the Generation 3 because it is made entirely of silicone. This feels just a bit more pleasant and with that the whole toy can be used.

      It takes a while to figure out exactly how the controls work and what it does but we quickly figured that out. Two buttons are for the "suck" function, one button for harder, one button for softer. Additionally a button for vibration, by pressing it repeatedly you can activate different patterns.

      A little lubricant on the cup and turned on the lowest suction setting. At first my wife didn't feel much except the cold lubricant. But after we turned up the suction setting a few notches, the moans started coming very quickly. Literally in seconds. Building up slowly, my wife very quickly came very violently.

      After a short rest we went for the second round. Took it a little easier this time and teased a little more. We also used the vibrate setting and again my wife went like a rocket and came wonderfully.

      When I asked if it was successful, the answer was "I can't talk right now". A big 10/10!

      We haven't tried the second closed cup yet, but it looks like it can give even more pressure on the clit.

      Cleaning was also super easy using toy cleaner and rinsing under the tap. The only point is that you can't really clean the opening where the cup is on. Maybe you can clean this a little better with a cotton swab.

      The toy feels solid and is fairly large but that also makes it easy to hold. It's pretty solid and of good build quality. The charger cable looks a bit flimsy, but charging works fine, just make sure that the cable does not come loose, because then it will not charge. The cups are also very solid and easy to change.

      All in all super happy with this toy. Highly recommended for women who especially enjoy clitoral pleasure.
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    • Iets
      Written at color: Purple
      Very nice to use and also definitely good for reaching pleasure. Works fast, but the different settings allow you to do it at your own pace and in your own way.
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    • Klaasje
      Written at color: Black
      Well, I don't have much use for that yet. Although I don't feel it that much. I had high expectations after all the reviews, but alas, for me no fireworks and splashing orgasms with the Satisfyer.
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    • Min
      Written at color: Black
      The device looks nice but is completely worthless. The rubber headpiece is so thick and stiff that the vibrations cannot get through at all and it is remarkably heavy.
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    • Kinkbink
      Written at color: Red
      Bought as a gift.
      Device is a bit larger than I expected. Works great and is nice and quiet. Wife not in love with this product!
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    • Valerie
      Written at color: Black
      At first I was skeptical about it but since trying it out I'm in love. The number of vibration settings on this is impressive. From soft to washing machine setting. It is also very nice material, it feels good. You don't know what you are experiencing, definitely recommended. Battery charges pretty fast. Do yourself a favor and get one!
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    • toetoet
      Written at color: Purple
      Found it disappointing. Didn't feel much, if I'm honest. Maybe better to use it together than solo. But from nothing it doesn't bring you that much, if you know what I mean. Maybe different when you're really turned on.
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    • Janneke
      Written at color: Red
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