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Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation

49.95 39.95
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Product video

Product information

  • Air pressure stimulation
  • Waterproof
  • 11 intensity settings
  • USB chargeable
  • Good grip
  • Soft silicone
  • Removable cap
  • Easy to clean
  • Colour: Black

Want to go on a date? We like you to meet the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation. This gentleman satisfies all your wishes! The Penguin Next Generation has a sexy look and thanks to its compact size, you can take it on a date anywhere you like, even under water! This air pressure stimulator is waterproof and is made of silky smooth silicone. The Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation has 11 settings that you can adjust using the buttons on the handle. The bow and the cap are removable, so it is easy to clean the toy after use.

Sizes & specifications

Product information

Product number:
Warranty Type:
Good Warranty Service
Original name:
Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation


12.50 cm
4.70 cm
4.50 cm


ABS, silicone
Suitable lubricant:
Water Based
Clitoral stimulation
Length charging cord:
100 cm

Power & Speed

Push button
Run Time:
90 min
Charger (USB)
Noise level:
Very quiet
Charge Time:
130 min

More specifications

CE tag:
User level:
176 gram
Package size:
14x9x5 cm

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Reviews (108)

  • Floor
    Expert review
    4.5/5 2018-06-18
    A vibrator with air-pressure vibration? That really looked like something very interesting to try. The toy was delivered when I wasn't home, but as it was sent completely anonymously, I could safely pick it up from the neighbors. I immediately tried it that night!

    The vibrator

    The toy itself is nice and compact, it is only 12.50 cm long. The color of the vibrator is black, although mine was in pink. The vibrator is made entirely of silicone material, so it's easy to clean. You can also remove the mouth, making it easy to keep it clean. Another important fact, as this means it is waterproof! The toy can be charged with a USB charging cable, so fortunately you don't have to worry about batteries. Then the possibilities ... 11 settings! That is not bad. We will certainly be trying them all out.


    The first thing you notice is that the toy fits comfortably in the hand due to its size and shape. That's already a nice plus. There's a small button for switching it on and off, and a larger button for the different settings. The levels go from low to high and then back to low. This way you can easily and quickly switch between the different settings. The air pressure effect takes some getting used to, but it is very nice! The heaviest settings feel almost like a regular vibrator, strong vibrations, but the softer settings give a very nice "sucking" feeling. I also had to get used to the noise. The vibrator does not make a loud noise, but the sucking sound is slightly different from what "normal" vibrators make and seemed a bit strange in the beginning. But that certainly does not outweigh the pleasure that this vibrator brings! It is really nice and because of the many different settings, you can let yourself go completely crazy (this can also be done by someone else of course ;) ).

    The final verdict

    If you want something different than a standard vibrator, this one is definitely recommended! The air pressure effect is very nice and the vibrator has a lot of different settings that you can vary easily. The toy is also really easy to hold. The battery also lasts a long time before you have to charge it and the toy is easy to keep clean. I really just can't think of any disadvantages or down sides to this toy. So buy it!
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  • Scarlett
    Expert review
    4.5/5 2017-10-23
    I was looking forward to testing the Next Generation of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. I'd tested the original a while back and it worked well for me. The "cons" I mentioned then have been improved upon now. So I had an even higher expectations for the Next Generation.
    next generation

    The packaging was nice and clear, it clearly shows that this is the Pro penguin Next generation. And it's always nice to be able to immediately see what the product looks like. When I opened it, the toy was in a plastic package, with the user manual and charger underneath.

    The Satisfyer Pro Penguin and Next generation are both air pressure toys, it stimulates in a way that isn't comparable to vibrations from a normal vibrator. Air pressure toys are used to stimulate the clit and provide a sensation that can be described as repeated sucking or soft tapping on the clit. As the name suggests, air pressure toys use air pressure to create this sensation. You place the mouth of the toy over your clit, find the correct position and the device does the rest. Moving is unnecessary and can actually cause problems, because if you accidentally knock it from your clit by moving it can be frustrating.


    The toy itself is very similar to the original, only the colors and some features are different. This Next generation is more comfortable for me to hold, the handle is a bit smaller. And the bow around the neck is a nice touch. The original one is pink and white and this one is black and white with a red/pink bow tie. I think the black-and-white color scheme makes this one looks just a little more sleek and high end. And it's nice that it actually looks like a penguin now! The toy can be charged with the included charger, which is unique in itself because of its magnetic connection to the charging point on the toy. That means no more hassles trying to find the connection point and figure out how to insert the cable. That was a big pro of the original, too.

    There are two buttons on the handle, and this is where you'll find one of the biggest improvements in the next gen. In the original, the upper one was an on/off button and the lower one was a mode button, you could only go forward through the modes and if you wanted to go back, you had go back through the whole menu. On the Next generation, both buttons are mode buttons, so harder/softer, and if you press and hold the bottom button, the toy turns off. The toy also has a better mouth than the original, on the original it came loose really easily, but you don't have to be afraid of that now.

    Using it

    Using it is great, as expected, the most intense and amazing orgasms I have on my own are with the penguin. I think the next generation has really taken a big step forward with the improvements. Especially the ability to effortlessly switch between harder and softer brings an extra dimension to the pleasure. You can also use that function to extend your orgasms. I still think it's a little awkward during sex, so I prefer using it as a solo toy. The air pressure toys are known for their ability to induce pleasure and even orgasms even in people who have difficulty reaching orgasm (or have never had one before). Now, I've never had that problem, but I can certainly imagine that (because it gives a different sensation) it can work for some people. The satisfyer pro penguin next generation has taken the place of the original pro penguin on my bedside table. It is and will probably continue to be my go-to toy.


    I can recommend this one even more highly than the original version of the satisfyer pro penguin. They were small improvements that had a tremendous effect. And it provides much more (and longer) pleasure. For people who have little feeling in their clit or people who have few or no orgasms, this is definitely something to try. The price won't be a barrier here, and it's been a real life changer for a lot of people. Yeah for the air pressure toy and yeah for the Satisfyer Pro Peguin Next Generation!
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  • Scarlett
    Expert review
    5.0/5 2017-06-07
    I was realty looking forward to testing this toy. The unique way this air pressure toy works and other people's reviews were almost unbelievable. So my expectations were high.

    [Editor's Note: This Expert Review is of the old model. The new 'Next Generation' model is mostly the same in terms of effect and has been improved on a few points.] 

    The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is, like I said, an air pressure toy. It stimulates the clitoris in a way that doesn't compare to other vibrators. As the name suggests, air pressure toys use air pressure to create a sensation that can be described as repeated sucking or soft tapping on the clit. The fact that you just have to place the sucking mouth on your clit and keep it in place can take some getting used to. The Penguin does the rest, after you have found the correct position, of course. So you don't have to move the toy at all.

    First impression

    The Penguin has a very beautiful design. It feels nice and soft and is just the right size to hold in your hand. There is a thin silicone mouth around the opening that you can easily remove to clean the device. One downside is that the mouth can also come off. I already had to search for it twice. The device is also completely waterproof, which is a plus for me.

    There are two contact points at the bottom (with magnets inside) where the charger clicks into place. And the battery lasts an awfully long time because you usually don't use the toy for long periods of time. There is a large button on the handle. If you press on top you can turn the toy on, and when you press the bottom you can run through the 11 settings. There is no way to go backwards to a setting, you have to turn it off or go through all 11 settings to get to the right one. You can turn off the toy by pressing down the button at the top for 2 sec.

    Operating it

    Sometimes it takes some trial and error to find out if you have toy in the right place. The easiest way is to expose the clit with two fingers and put the mouth over it with your other hand. You can do this when it's still off but it's quicker to feel that it is in the right place when the toy is already on. It can seem a bit loud in the beginning but as soon as it comes into contact with your clitoris it is almost inaudible. Still, it's something to take into account if you're looking for something that makes little or no sound.

    The first time I tested it was downright overwhelming and extremely explosive. I was almost rendered speechless by how good it was. I don't have many problems reaching orgasm but this went faster than I ever expected. I have to say that I haven't even made it a whole minute yet. You can use the Penguin in different positions. It doesn't matter whether you're standing up or lying down. You can even lie on your side and keep the Penguin pressed between your legs, although that position makes it more intense.

    The sensation you feel is different, but really amazing and looks like a mouth that's kissing and sucking on your clit.  An extra tip to get even more out of the Penguin is to take it in the bath and use it under water. You can feel the air pressure much more when it is combined with water.

    The sensation

    I should add that my partner also tried the Penguin and although it gave her an orgasm, it was not a success. She has a very sensitive clit and the Penguin turned out to be a bit too intense and the sensation too overwhelming . My partner also disliked the fact that you can't move the Penguin yourself. Personally I got used to it pretty quickly.

    Using the toy together is still a real art, you have to hold the Penguin fairly still and it's pretty easy to bump into it. I have noticed that opinions can differ about whether or not using the Penguin causes some sensitivity. I did notice some sensitivity in my clit but others have said they didn't. I think it's personal. It's also a shame that you can only go forward through the settings and not back, an issue I solved by turning the Penguin off and on again.

    Final verdict

    The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is a must-have for me, and has even earned a place in my nightstand. I think this is a perfect toy for some intimate time with yourself, but not so much for use with your partner. I should say, though, that for foreplay or after sex, it can be great.

    Because of the unique form of stimulation I also recommend it for people who struggle to reach climax, but people who are very sensitive might not enjoy it as much. In any case, I'm a big fan.
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  • Marianne
    Expert review
    4.5/5 2017-02-01
    The packaging

    The Satisfyer Penguin comes in a sleek white box. All the info about the toy is printed on it. The box contains the Penguin itself and the USB charging cable. The packaging isn't all that exciting, just a standard box for a toy that's anything but standard.

    [Editor's Note: This Expert Review is of the old model. The new 'Next Generation' model is largely the same in terms of effect and has been improved on a few points.] 

    The material and the brand

    Satisfyer is a brand that's developed a lot of new toys recently. The stimulation method is the same for all of those toys: air pressure stimulation. It's a unique stimulation method that provides really amazing clitoris stimulation. The Satisfyers (5 different models) all have the same function and the same number of settings. They're also waterproof (perfect for cleaning, even better in the tub) and rechargeable. Can it get any better? Yes, these sucking toys won't have you breaking your piggy bank or turning your wallet inside out. There are other versions that are actually three times as expensive.

    The difference compared to the Satisfyer Pro 2

    I previously tested the Satisfyer Pro 2, a sex toy that I gave a pretty high score because it did exactly what it promised. The Penguin works the same way, has the same number of settings and is also waterproof. And yet there were still quite a few differences between these models.

    The size and handle

    The biggest difference compared to the Satisfyer Pro 2 is the size. The Pro 2 has a large, straight handle. The Penguin is more shapely and compact. That's a big plus if you ask me. The large handle is plenty sturdy, but I don't think that's necessary on sucking toys. Because the handle of the Penguin is curved and has a matte coating, it's very easy to hold. It's also nice that the handle isn't too long, which means it won't get stuck in the sheets.

    The mouth and operating it

    The Satisfyer Penguin also has a different mouth. The Pro 2 has a large, round mouth with a thick silicone edge. The Penguin has more of a rectangular mouth that has a larger opening but a thinner silicone edge. That was a downside for me. I thought the thicker edge and smaller opening felt better. Operating the Penguin isn't that much different. This model also has 11 settings that you operate with buttons. You use the small button to turn the toy on and off  and the large button to switch between settings. But on the Penguin, the buttons are on the inside of the handle. The Pro 2 has the buttons on the outside. In other words, the mouth of the Pro 2 is on the opposite side of the buttons. That's not a huge downside, but when they're on the inside, you can't 'accidentally' press them when you put too much pressure on the handle.

    Using it

    Air pressure stimulation is unique, and it feels that way. Within a few minutes (if you can last that long) you'll have an orgasm that a lot of vibrators could never manage. That's a lot better if you want an orgasm, now, immediately, straight away. The mouth feels nice and soft and the buttons are easy to find (even in the dark).

    The final conclusion

    I'm a huge fan of the Satisyer Penguin. It's a compact toy that comes in a fun color. The fact that it's waterproof and rechargeable is ideal. The settings and patterns provide plenty of variety and the buttons are easy to operate. I gave the Satisfyer Pro 2 a 9, and I think the Penguin is just as good. So it gets a 9, too! It would've been a 10 if the mouth had been the same as the Pro 2 model.

    When should you buy the Satisfyer Penguin?

    If you're looking for something different, something unusual
    If you want to explore air pressure stimulation at a decent price.
    If you want to have an orgasm in just a few minutes

    When shouldn't you buy the Satisfyer Penguin?

    If you don't like powerful stimulation
    If you have a sensitive clitoris
    If you like a lot of luxury (apps, sparkly details, toy bags and nice boxes)
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  • Babet
    4.0/5 2021-10-06
    Wonderful! But not as good as the Satisfyer Pro 2
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  • pim
    5.0/5 2020-09-29
    I have been told that this is a really great feeling and that is clearly noticeable since she could normally only cum 1 or 2 times and with this a lot more often!
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  • Satisfyer No
    2.3/5 2020-07-31
    What a dramatic product. I really do not understand the positive reviews. 9 of the 11 settings are too intensive (you feel a kind of hard knock), the other settings certainly do not have a 'sucking sensation' and the sound is also a real turn off. No, never a Satisfyer Pro for me again.
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  • Dreepree
    4.8/5 2020-08-02
    Fun toy that looks good, but unfortunately doesn't vibrate
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  • LOVE
    4.5/5 2020-08-08
    It's better for bigger clitorises. Less suction than the satisfyer, but is easier to hold onto.
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  • N.
    5.0/5 2020-09-01
    Does what it promises
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