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We-Vibe Chorus - Cosmic Pink

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  • Squeeze technology
  • 2 motors
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Product information

  • Unique couple toy
  • Adjustable
  • 2 motors
  • 10 settings
  • With docking station
  • With remote control
  • Compatible with the We-Connect app
  • Colour: Pink

Explore with the new We-Vibe Chorus and keep your partner longing for more.

What is the We-Vibe used for?
The We-Vibe Chorus is worn by the woman. The vibrator is U-shaped, which means it fits easily onto the clitoris and the G-spot. The form and function are similar to the We-Vibe Sync, but somewhat more extensive. Both ends are also equipped with a powerful motor for intense stimulation.

The We-Vibe Chorus is small enough for the man to penetrate his partner as usual. The man will also feel the vibrations during penetration. As the We-Vibe is inserted vaginally it can also make the vagina feel tighter.

- How does the We-Vibe Chorus work?
The We-Vibe Chorus features 2 motors, each with 10 different vibration settings. There are 3 different ways to operate this couple's vibrator:

+ With the push button
The upper stimulator of the We-Vibe Chorus has a push button. By pushing the button you can switch to the next setting. This is a quick and easy way to operate the We-Vibe Chorus. But this can be a bit more difficult during use. We recommend keeping the remote to hand or using the We-Vibe App.

+ With the remote control.
The We-Vibe comes with a special remote control that allows you to easily operate the Chorus. It has a range of around 2.5 meters. The remote control makes it easy to adjust the vibration settings without needing to use the push button on the vibrator. The innovative thing about this remote control is that you can use it to control the vibrator. When squeezing the remote control, the Chorus will vibrate harder, and softer when it is released. Relinquish control by putting this remote in your partner's hands.

+ With the We-Vibe Connect App
The We-Connect app is a free app you can use to operate the We-Vibe Chorus. With the special app, you can also create your own patterns and save them to use later. Discover your favorite setting and design your own pleasure. The app works globally, so partners in long-distance relationships can still experience the same levels of pleasure without having to be in the same place.

- What makes the Chorus unique?
Broadly speaking, the Chorus is similar to the We-Vibe Sync, but there are a few differences. It comes with an adjustable attachment. This allows you to adjust the vibrator, just like the Sync, in any way you want. That means the We-Vibe Chorus will always perfectly fit your body and your preferences. The remote control has a special sensor that allows you to adjust the vibration with just a squeeze.

- How do you charge the We-Vibe Chorus?
The charging station supplied is an easy way to discreetly charge the We-Vibe. The charging station features a magnetic contact point that easily connects to the contact points on the We-Vibe. This means the sex toy always has a good connection. When the We-Vibe is positioned correctly, the cap on the charging station will cover the toy. The toy isn't visible, which means it can be charged anywhere using the USB cable.

- How do you clean this toy?
Because the We-Vibe is waterproof, cleaning is quick and easy with water and toy cleaner. You can also clean the sex toy using mild soap. Rinse the toy, apply soap or toy cleaner and distribute it across the entire vibrator. Then rinse it thoroughly. If there is any soap residue left on the sex toy it can cause irritation. Carefully dry the We-Vibe. Don't rub, just dab the toy until it's dry. Then store it in the included toy bag.

We recommend using lubricant to make penetration more enjoyable for both partners. Lubricant helps you achieve smooth penetration and provides more comfort A sachet of We-Vibe Lubricant is supplied with this couple's vibrator. This is a collaboration with the well-known brand Pjur. Once the sachet is empty it is recommended to continue using lubricant. Therefore we recommend ordering a water-based lubricant when ordering your vibrator. That way, you can extend your pleasure after the sample is used up. Pjur lubricant and other lubricants are available in our pharmacy.

Sizes & specifications

Product information

Product number:
Warranty Type:
Good Warranty Service
Original name:
Drimera 3-Piece Suspender Set - Dark Blue


7.50 cm
4.50 cm
3.00 cm


ABS, silicone
Suitable lubricant:
Water Based
Clitoral stimulation, G-spot stimulation, Penis stimulation
Length charging cord:
90 cm

Power & Speed

Vibration power:
Variable vibrations
Wireless control, Push button
Adjustable vibration / multispeed
Charger (USB)
Noise level:
Charge Time:
120 min

More specifications

Number of motors:
Suitable for couples:
Men + Woman
User level:
Toyfinder hem/haar/ons:
Voor ons
498 gram
Package size:
12x12x10 cm

Service & Returns

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Delivery and shipping costs



Reviews (15)

  • Alicia
    Expert review
    4.5/5 2017-12-20
    The We-Vibe Chorus is the ultimate toy for couples. Be surprised by the wonderful vibrations from the two motors and the 10 different vibration settings. This remarkable couple's toy can be operated with the button, the remote control and the We-Vibe app.

    The remote control has a reach of approximately 2.5 meters, sufficient to maintain distance from each other in the street during this COVID-19 pandemic. When you press the top button of the easy to operate remote control, you activate the squeeze setting. When you squeeze with your hand, the We-Vibe begins to vibrate more intensely. Wonderful to tease your partner with.

    Spoiler: after reading this review you will also want the We-Vibe Chorus… ;-)

    What is in the luxury packaging?

    The first thing you notice is the luxury box that the We-Vibe is delivered in. After opening this beautiful box, I found, in addition to the We-Vibe Chorus a beautiful charging station that is equipped with a USB connection. You can charge the We-Vibe by using a magnetic connection. While you do not have to charge the remote control, the charging station does have an opening for it. During charging a white light flashes in a subtle way on the front of the charging station. The light continues to be illuminated when the We-Vibe is fully charged. A fantastic finish in my opinion.

    The supplied USB cable also has a luxury finish, because it is embossed with the We-Vibe logo. It is the finishing touches that make the couple's toy so awesome!

    There is also a small sachet of lubricant. It is recommended to always use this product with a water-based lubricant. It is highly recommended to use EasyToys' own lubricant, this makes inserting the We-Vibe super easy. More about this later.

    First impression and in use

    While viewing the product photos, we found the We-Vibe Chorus rather large at first sight. When we unpacked the package, we both said at the same that the size was about right. So, a pro! Aside from the fact that it is rather exciting to use a couple's toy, the product immediately invited us to try it out and we obliged.

    We rather quickly became used to the operation and the vibrations from the two powerful built-in motors were more intense than expected. It took some getting used to in the beginning, but after ten minutes the We-Vibe Chorus kept feeling better and better. Not all ten vibrations settings were as good, but naturally this is a personal opinion. My girlfriend could only reach orgasm by using the constant vibration setting. Wonderful fooling around with the squeeze technology and the other vibration settings is wholeheartedly recommended.

    The We-Vibe Chorus does not feel irritating after a long session of more than 15 minutes. It takes some getting used to at first, but then it is a pleasure to have it inside, according to my girlfriend. No lack of strong G-Spot vibrations, these are constant! Use enough lubricant, otherwise insertion is not pleasant.


    Do you want to try something different than a normal vibrator and are looking for a couple´s toy to surprise your partner with? Then the We-Vibe Chorus is the ideal toy for you! The battery life is just as good, we could enjoy it for over 1.5 hours. Split over 3 sessions, though… ;-)
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  • DoubleTrouble
    4.5/5 2021-07-28
    Our first couples toy, great invention! Pricey, but high quality. Provides a whole new experience. The app isn't always very convenient, give it some more time to figure it out.
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  • M&L
    4.0/5 2021-10-09
    feels fantastic and it's fun for play, even remotely
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  • Arie Lex
    4.3/5 2021-10-05
    My girlfriend: a really great vibrator! Highly recommended!
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  • Ari
    4.5/5 2021-05-20
    Great vibrations, and this is the first time that I actually like the patterns on a vibrator (a few of them anyway)!
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  • LovePleasure123
    4.8/5 2021-05-05
    Connection goes faster than with other toys. I think it's especially perfect that you don't have to keep the app open when controlling it all the time' and you could just turn off your screen for a while! This is not the case with all other toys, where the connection immediately drops and the toy stops vibrating. That is not the case with this one and I think that is a really big plus! In addition, the app allows you to configure after how long it goes into sleep mode, perfect! You don't have to turn the toy back on and pair it again. The only drawback is that the connection, if lost, is hard to reconnect with the app. I often have to completely remove the Bluetooth connection and turn the toy on and off again. Furthermore, the part that is in your vagina could vibrate a bit stronger, similar to the part that sits against your clitoris. Also, if all goes well, there will eventually be a music mode such as with the sync. These options are already in the app and you can click it, but nothing happens yet. But I am satisfied! Much better than the Flamingo I had before!
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  • Kathy
    2.5/5 2021-03-31
    I used to have the symic and ordered this one now, but it doesn't make me cum and I'm very disappointed.
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  • Valerie
    5.0/5 2021-03-16
    This truly is an outstanding sex toy, we enjoyed it so much until our dog ate it, so I'm warning everyone with a dog, always store your toys right away! This toy felt so good, everyone should have this toy in their life, you'll enjoy this so much together, it's perfectly sized, it feels very soft, it's very easy to charge. I will definitely order this again because it remains a winner!
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  • Esmee
    3.5/5 2021-01-26
    Connecting to the app sometimes takes a long time. It just won't stay put during sex (while it should be able to). Solo, but still together if your partner is not at the same location is fun. All in all, I think it's too expensive for what we intend to do with it.
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  • Kees
    4.8/5 2020-09-09
    Really good product. If you get a good one. First delivery was a really bad chorus, the chorus and the remote had a terrible connection which meant you couldn't connect to your phone. After contacting easytoys we could send it back and we got a new one. What good service! Really great!! Everything was taken care of within 3 days! And now fortunately we have a chorus that works properly. It's pretty easy to connect to the phone, every now and then you'll get a dropped connection which is irritating, though. But it's only happened 1 time so far. My hat's off to the customer service department at easytoys!
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